Special Editions Announced For The Last Of Us

Sony has just sent over the press release unveiling two Special Edition versions of The Last of Us. The two editions – one for Joel and one for Ellie – will bring a raft of goodies into the game and into your gaming environment.

The physical stuff is perhaps most interesting. There’s a mini artbook that features some of the art that helped to generate the world. You’ll also get the first issue in the comic series, The Last of Us: American Dreams. That Dark Horse comic series will delve into Ellie’s backstory and it has a variant cover exclusive to these editions.


There’s a poster and a DS3 skin featuring the face of your chosen star (depending on whether you get the Ellie or Joel pack) and you’ll also get your chosen character on the game pack artwork.

In-game content includes a Survival Pack which boosts multiplayer content with things like a melée attack booster, some bonus XP, customisable character items and in-game currency. It also includes bonus Ellie and Joel skins, once you’ve finished the single player campaign.

Then there’s the Sights and Sounds pack – also available to anyone who pre-orders the game from any retailer. It includes a dynamic theme, character avatars and the game’s soundtrack.

Finally, depending on which edition you choose, you’ll get Ellie or Joel costumes for Sackboy in LBP.

Here’s the promotional artwork listing all the goodies.



  1. When did it get multiplayer? I never remeber that being announced.

    • Ha! Good catch. They never announced multiplayer, so I guess this falls under the “leak” category. I hope it’s “The Last of Us” inspired and not some cookie cutter third person shooter clone of Uncharted. For example, have Ellie and Joel go up against bad guys with no respawn on either side, so you really need to think about how to approach a situation rather than going Rambo.

      • Naughty Dog actually stated it would have MP in the very first Gameinformer article about the game. Not sure why it keeps catching everyone off guard.

    • It was announced the same day the game itself was basically. They said from the get-go ‘there will be multiplayer’.

    • Informally, they’ve always said there will be multiplayer, but it was “confirmed” the day they announced the pre-order incentives the other month.

  2. Not a fan of stickers for the DS3, but the rest sounds decent.

    Mind you, I’d probably only glance at the comic and artbook once but the canvas wrap and poster look good. Free DLC is always nice (and the Sackboy costumes a nice extra touch).

    If it’s not too expensive I’ll go for the big Special Edition. Otherwise I’ll settle for just the Sights and Sounds pack- the soundtrack is the best goodie on offer.

  3. i’d go for the Ellie version if i had to choose, but when i do get the game it’ll probably be the standard edition.

  4. I like them. Price needs to be right though.

    I’m annoyed by the two versions for some bizarre reason! Why spend creating two when all that’s different is the character on the box, poster and DS skin? Create a poster, box and skin with both characters on and include both Sackboy costumes. I know this is super trivial but this struck me as odd.

  5. Any idea what the pricing may be roughly! The first special edition of a game I have been in interested in a few years

    • Same thoughts as you, might be one of the few special editions I pick up! Ellie version slightly edges it for me, as it’s not usual to have a female lead character these days, so it strikes me as unique.

  6. So this includes the Sights and Sounds pack and the Survival pack? If so, I’m definitely getting one. But which, both?

    I’m telling you, if the book was different, I would have gotten both.

  7. If I was to get this, think I’d go for the Ellie one. Joel is too much a generic character I feel. Very much a hybrid of Marston (sp?)from RDR, Max Payne and Nathan Drake to an extent.

    Ellie (for Video games) is fairly unique in AAA games.

  8. Those LBP characters look cool. If the price isn’t too silly I think I’ll get a special edition, not sure which one though.

  9. I’ll probably end up getting Ellie edition

  10. I don’t usually preorder but for a free soundtrack and dynamic theme i’ll bite.

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