Mandatory PS Vita Update (2.05) Out Today – Blocks Recent Exploits

A minor system software update for PlayStation Vita will be released today. It’s mandatory, and takes the firmware up to version 2.05.

Sony have said that the update improves system stability during the use of some features, although haven’t said what those features might be.


However, it’s apparent that the update blocks recent attempts to circumvent the Vita’s PSP mode security – the UNO workaround is gone, for example. Also removed is the ability to access the PSN without running the latest firmware.

So, really, it’s a security update.



  1. Good stuff, Sony. The devs’ll appreciate it.

  2. Automatic download for the win.

    • Yep, it was waiting to be installed when I woke up my Vita today.

  3. ahh, and how I long for a 2.10 update. The ‘more’ features that we will inevitably get in the next few years can’t come quick enough for me. Wonder whether Sony will do anything special in February for the Vita.

  4. If they worked on getting some games out for the vita maybe people wouldn’t bother hacking etc…

    • That doesn’t make sense. Hacking your Vita doesn’t lead to more new games. Currently, the only reason to hack a Vita is for pirating games and playing two-decades-old Nintendo games.

  5. more games please sony!

  6. Sigh, hackers and Sony cat and mouse game. I remember this from psp..

  7. Still waiting to be able to ‘stack’ the apps into folders.
    How hard can that be to develop!?

    Also anyone got any idea when or if Netflix is coming out in the UK in the Vita? As I’m thinking of signing up and it’d be good to have on the Vita.

    Can’t think of much more I’d like or need it to do really. The auto cloud save and download is very good.

  8. Managed to do my update this morning at 6am.Still waiting for the html update to watch vids.

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