Stock Problems Hit Ni No Kuni’s Wizard’s Edition

The special Wizard’s Edition of Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch has run into stock problems. The version of the game, only available in most regions through Namco’s own store, has been oversold and many customers are seeing their orders cancelled.

The Wizard’s Edition comes with a plushie Drippy (your in-game companion), some golden downloadable characters and a physical copy of the 300-page spell book that features in the game.


Customers who ordered the special edition after the 17th of January were unfortunate victims of a “glitch in [the] ordering system” at distributor, Digital River. Those who ordered before the 17th should have received notice that their game will be delivered. Anyone affected by the error should be receiving email to tell them that their order has been cancelled and their payment will be refunded.

Normal versions of the game don’t seem to be suffering from any stock problems at this time but, despite the obvious disappointment many will feel if affected by this error, it’s nice to know that the PS3-exclusive is proving popular.

Source: Polygon



  1. That would really suck. I kept on toying with the idea of preordering it.

  2. Whoops! My Wife nearly ordered this a few days ago (we don’t even own a PS3) she just wanted the extra stuff, especially the Drippy plushie, lol.

  3. Oh oh. People will be so pissed, so would I, I hope they don’t hate the game for it though (hate the player not the game in this context?). Funny how they realized it just now, very sloppy work for such a big title.

  4. This still happens?

    I can’t remember the last time I went into Game or Gamestop on release day and they didn’t have at least one extra Ltd. Edition in stock (before Game Ireland shut of course) for someone to buy without a pre-order.

    An actually limited limited edition… Do they not want to make money?

  5. So, is it just orders made through Namco’s store that could get cancelled?

    • if you ordered this edition (it’s only this one affected) through another retailer then you’re advised to contact them and enquire. This special edition was mostly only available through Namco’s own Club Namco store.

      • Ok, thanks Peter. I’ve not heard from either way but I’ve logged in and it appears my order is still there (“Processing”).

    • Yes so is my shield DVD box set from march last year. What a joke of a company.

      • Oh bugger, I hope I don’t get bumped :/

        I’ve had a few things from them in the past 6 months that have been ok.

  6. somebody’s got them.

    at least they say they have, they’ve already sold over 200 apparently.
    for at least double the price Namco are charging going on the list of sales.

    and it looks like some people have paid four times as much.

  7. Zavvi sent me an email saying they’re having stock issues. Not impressed especially since I cancelled my order with Shopto which would have likely gotten stock for.

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