Nintendo Network Undergoing ‘Emergency Maintenance’

It looks like Nintendo has caught a nasty little bug from Sony as the Nintendo Network is undergoing emergency maintenance, with the US an UK (at least) currently down if you try to connect. Only a couple of games are affected but the online shops will suffer intermittent disruption.

The maintenance has already started, with most services expected to be up and running again in a matter of hours. At the moment network services for the Nintendo DS Pokémon games are down and over on the Wii U match-making and ranking are out of the window for Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper. The Wii U eShop, the 3DS eShop and the DSi Shop are also all down.


After the latest Nintendo Direct we now know that Nintendo are working hard on an update to the Wii U’s operating system in an attempt to speed up the delays between applications and the home screen. A system update, or rather two updates, will hopefully see to this over the coming months. Whether or not this maintenance is related is currently unknown.



  1. NintenDOH!

  2. :-) Surprised the claims of ‘OMG, it’s been HACKED!’ have’nt started to appear on the net.

    They have’nt..have they?

  3. Is cross game chat coming?
    Oh wait its not about PlayStation.

  4. “Emergency Maintenance” does not sound good.

  5. Too many people hammering the shop for free pinball… It’s just a ploy to keep numbers down. ¬.¬;;

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