Apple Release A New iPad Amid No Singing And Dancing

Something strange is afoot, Apple have revised the iPad and they have announced the new version with a press release, not with a conference and four minute long TV advert featuring the latest pop sensation.

Admittedly, the new version isn’t much to sing and dance about as all they have done is increased the onboard storage from 64GB to 128GB. Apart from that everything else is identical to the old fourth generation iPad with Retina display.


“With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs,” commented Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Philip Schiller.

Now the exciting bit, guess how much the new iPad will cost the lucky Americans who will doubtless be setting up camp outside Apple stores as I type? $799 for the iPad with Wi-Fi model and $929 for the iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

Yep, over $900 to play Angry Birds.

The new models will be released in the US on February 5th, expect them on these shores around the same time.

Source: Press Release.



  1. Jesus Christ, anyone buying one for that price needs their head testing.

    • Anyone buying an iPad needs their head testing full stop.

      In this age of cloud storage, trying to store everything you have ever owned in your pathetic digital life is a game that’s going to fail. Next you you will be selling it for the 256GB model…

      Just you Google Music, or whaterver to hold everything, and just pin the stuff you want.

    • Anyone buying one for that price, surely has enough disposable cash to buy me one.
      Keep it in mind, Anyone :-D

  2. Surely same price range as the full windows 8 tablets – but with less capability.

    • good point, that these might be a measure to sit next to the Surface Pro.

      • Doubling the HDD doesn’t make the iPad any more productive when compared to a Surface Pro. For that money you could get a refurbished Macbook (Air).

      • It’d be flash storage rather than a HDD – sorry to be pedantic.

  3. “Yep, over $900 to play Angry Birds.”

    “300,000 native iPad apps”


  4. “Yep, over $900 to play Angry Birds”

    Ahh this did make me laugh. As despite obviously so many more applications most iPads are horrendously underused/overpowered depending on how you look at it.

  5. I’m interested to see what Apple do next with desktop vs tablet OS. Since Windows 8 is starting to gain a little traction (even though it’s frigging horrible as a normal desktop OS) I wonder if Apple will look to consolidate Mac OS and iOS in some way.

    • they’ve already made big moves towards that with so much of the gesture stuff and the Launchpad trying to usurp the applications folder. I think you’re right though, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more moves in that direction, culminating in a touchscreen MacBook Pro in a couple of years.

      • So far they’ve only really introduced iOS stuff to the Mac OS side. I’d like it to be the other way around.

    • its just windows 7 with a new start, horrible.

      • I have Windows 8 on my Games machine, it’s ok but I have it set to boot straight to desktop and with the start button put back.
        I use it because it’s supposed to have better security and newer drivers. And because the upgrade didn’t cost me anything.

  6. And next month they release a 256GB for $1500!

  7. On the subject of price, it’s just Apple’s standard tiers. From the base $499 for 16GB, each jump in storage is $100, and then 3G is $129 on top. Hence, $799 and $929.

    • Oh, and they don’t make big deals about minor spec bumps unless they feel like announcing it alongside another major announcement which they’d be doing anyway.

      • Quite. Apple TV got a minor bump this week too, I think.

        The press conference will be for iPad 5. As normal.

    • And yet you can get a 64g USB stick for about $60, so what’s the other $140 for?

      Oh yes, it’s sheeple tax.


      • I’m not saying it isn’t expensive, I’m just saying that it follows their pattern to the letter.

        $100 for an extra 64GB is a bargain compared to $100 for 16GB further down the food chain.

  8. Seriously, that’s not “a new iPad”, that’s just a model with increased storage capacity. Does this even belong as news on a site like this?

  9. Jeez Apple are boring and elitist. I got Angry Birds (several editions) free and have played them on a much cheaper xperia handset. Are people that obsessed with portable media apps to spend $900???

    • No, but people consume an enormous amount of media and often want a screen that’s internet-ready but away from the confines of a desktop PC. All the tablets provide that option if you don’t want a laptop. It’s just that this is shockingly expensive.

      Not that I have a tablet to begin with but I’m very aware as to how people consume their internet/media on the damned things! :-)

      • As you say it is indeed the price, I can see a tablet being useful on move, commuting or at uni. But there are some who buy expensive apple products anyway and they do offer unique features and service base, but still when one can get a nexus for £199, $900 or any of the £400 current tablets just seem like iconography for the upper class.

        When I started Uni there was discounts on electronics for students but it was just apple macs @ £700+. No student can afford that unless they have a well to do family, and still I bought mine (Samsung) for £330 and is portable, sturdy and does the job. Again, that is my moan for the day. 0.0. Apple Ipods makes sense, but the rest seems startlingly excessive.

    • Mind this all makes me wonder yet again about flash memory prices. SSD’s are expensive, Vita’s memory is expensive (I mean imagine a 64GB memory stick @ say £135). I can’t imagine any tablet needs 128Gb in one go. I mean with these devices you can always swap stuff around with the PC at the weekend. A PC needs 1TB because obviously it is a PC, but will any buyer of a 128GB really use it all up.

  10. The other day Sony announced two ‘new’ PS3s. Same, but new colours.

    Via a press release.

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