Sony Trademarks “BigFest” – Social Networking For The PS4?

Sony’s up to something – a recently published trademark for “BigFest” suggests that the platform holder is thinking seriously about social networking, and appears to be attempting to build its own. The trademark was filed last February, but only published for opposition at the beginning of 2013 and picked up by IGN.

You can search for it here if you wish but the juicy stuff is that BigFest will be a hosting platform for online facilities, including interactive gameplay, websites of others and – potentially – games that others have built. Think LittleBigPlanet, perhaps, but on the web, although that might well be a little off the mark in terms of scope.


The filing also mentions “introduction and social networking services” and “introducing video game players to each other for the purposes of playing multiplayer games online, participating in online games communities and competitions, and online player networking and social introduction.” That sounds pretty cool, and it’s something that Home always promised but never really seemed to deliver.

The trademark was set up by SCEE’s main London offices, and that’s where Home was built, along with most of the PlayStation 3’s more family-friendly output. It’s not clear exactly what BigFest is, but it sounds like being a big social hub for gamers wanting to meet other gamers, show off their creative talents and try out new things. It’s almost certainly for PlayStation 4, but we’ll wait and see.

Chances are we’ll be hearing about this at E3.



  1. BigFest ? Really Sony? It does sound interesting and I hope they can pull off whatever they are aiming for, but if it’s anything like Home, then I’m already out.

  2. If this doesn’t work exactly as it should do on day 1 then don’t even bother. Home suffered for many reasons, chief, in my opinion, is that it was preceded with all sorts of promises that just weren’t there and by the time they were delivered no one gave two hoots.
    It was also clunky, restrictive and download heavy meaning it was usually empty of anyone you would actually want to connect and play with, which then made it boringly pointless.
    I loved Home, but like a girlfriend that cheated, I grew to hate it

  3. Something that brings the social aspects of the vita (those trophy moments and whose just got a game things at bottom of game launch screens) into a single website where your friends are your PSN friends would be pretty cool. You could see what everyone is playing and how they are getting on, comment of such things and arrange meets.

  4. Fair play, they are only following trends and I hope that it turns out to be unique and a big success but BoreFest probably similar to HomeFest but with bells on ain’t for me ta!

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