Battlefield 4 News Expected Within Three Months

EA will be showing “some Battlefield stuff” in about 90 days, according to their earnings call last night. This is highly likely to be Battlefield 4, and chances are it’ll be focused on next-gen consoles. Overnight EA said they were retiring the Medal Of Honor games, at least for now.

But first, there’s been a persistent rumour circling for a little while now which claimed that the next Battlefield will run on both generations of machines, but at 60fps on PS4 and Xbox 720.


The rumour also says there’ll be a return to the Commander role in multiplayer, support video recording, have three factions (USA, Russia, and China), female characters and up to 64 players, depending on format and capabilities. The same rumour also claimed Battlefield 3 would get Air Superiority as DLC, so there you go.

And now that (rather targeted) date of 90 days away. “We’ve already talked a little bit about that we have a Battlefield title coming next year, but we’re not in a position right now to talk about our development plans and our SKU plan long term,” said EA Labels president Frank Gibeau during EA’s earnings call last night, via VG.

“That will come in about 90 days when we get to show you some Battlefield stuff,” he said.

Whether or not this will coincide with either Sony or Microsoft’s announcement of next-gen machines is anyone’s guess. Chances are we’ll all know what’s happening inside of three months on both above counts, so this could be a perfect opportunity for EA to showcase what Frostbite can do with next gen technology.



  1. “Support video recording”

    Hallelujah. More games need to support in-game screenshots or video recording. They’re always trying to get gamers to talk about and share things about their game yet they don’t give them the tools to do so. Also, makes competitions much easier for us :P!

  2. BF4, now with in-game mandatory purchases. :S

    • you want to play with a gun? oh ok, thats £3 please

      • Want to get into a tank? That’s a tenner, oh and to use the main gun, a fiver.

  3. EA kill MoH….10mins later EA’s PR dept realises what sites are talking about… so pre-announces an announcement most probably of a teaser of a trailer.


  4. Air superiority is part of March dlc Endgame.
    As to female characters, probably coincides with America this month, lifting the ban of no female soldiers on the frontline(expect to see this in the next cod.) Unerving to see China added(who no longer recognise the dollar.) Who’s next N.Korea?(propaganda much, a nod to the wests new global enimies perhaps.)

    • It’s not the first time China have been in a bf game. They were a faction in bf2.

  5. Apparently theres a trailer due out end of Feb…

    Its £5 per view.

    • Audio DLC pack £1.99
      720p DLC pack £1.99
      1080p DLC pack £1.99 (to download the 1080p pack you must first purchase the 720p pack)

      • Controls without input lag – £1.99
        Any Promises that we made for BF3 – £1.99

      • Wouldn’t put anything past a: Uncompressed Textures Pack £3.99. Greedy B*******.

  6. If it’s true this will be released on ps4, as well as ps3, then my decision to buy a ps4 at launch has been made. I love bf3, but having played bf2 on pc the lack of players on ps3 is a major draw back for me.

  7. When they said next year, I’m surprised, I thought they would have something out this year, when the console/s are released.

  8. It runs on the same engine, it don’t expect any miracles, so I won’t buy it. I am happy with BF3 on ps3 and pc.

  9. I feel that this is the best time to use the Dr Cox, man not caring video from Youtube as BF3 has put me off BF. Mainly due to massive bugs and the cheater’s DLC. And the admins that will ban you for no reason.

    Suspect they decided to tell us about BF4 news to avoid people talking about MOH being canned for a while.

  10. Hey, THL… You remember our delicious wager?

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