Ni No Kuni Unable To Be Downloaded From The PlayStation Store

Ni No Kuni, the stunning role playing adventure from Namco, is having some issues being downloaded from the European PSN Store, albeit (hopefully) temporarily.


The game was due to be released today, but pre-orders (judging by this thread at least) have been flaky at best, with community moderators stepping in this morning to confirm there’s an issue.

The download is massive, but anyone attempting to pre-load the game is just getting a much too small version that simply isn’t working. It’s not entirely clear what the issue is, but SCEE are working to fix it, apparently.

The game has been pulled from the Store whilst the problems are sorted.

Read our hands on with the game here.



  1. Dear lord, how many times are SCEE going to be allowed to mess up the store before something is down. It really is a joke now.

  2. They should focus on getting a store that works before getting ideas about launching another console. Its always the European store. The people that run it are absolutely useless.

  3. That’s pretty shocking. It’s not like there are a lot of preorders so they can’t really cock it up due to there being too many to juggle.

    I’d be really annoyed if I’d paid the inflated £50 to get the game and not even have access to it.

  4. Shame the game has had some negative press in terms of this and the Wizards Edition being over ordered.

  5. I pre-ordered it from the store and I’m gutted! Its basically let me download a 6gb version, but the rest of the full game is nowhere to be seen. Really wish I just bought the retail version now, especially considering I paid £50 to get it straight away. :(

  6. That’s why I never plan on getting a game I really want on release from the EU PSN store. I’ll pick up Ni No Kuni in two hours… Can’t wait!!!!

  7. scee screwed up again, two in as many days now isn’t it?

    you know what this means.

    it’s Iago time.

    hey, i didn’t get to use it when they inconsiderately failed to fail at finally getting RCR out, so it’s overdue. ^_^

  8. Last i looked 61 people had downloaded it,wether that’s the full game or pre-orders or just a bit part i don’t know.

  9. Its working fine now. Its still 2 files, looks to me like the demo and a demo upgrade…

    • Ignore that. The demo was much smaller than either of the 2 files..
      Still works fine though

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