DmC Ships Just One Million Copies Worldwide

Dante not making a huge impact.

Capcom has released initial figures relating to the shipped figures of the DmC, the Devil May Cry reboot, and they aren’t as high as the company had hoped, with the game having shipped just one million units since launch.

This figure has led to Capcom revising their projected shipping figures for DmC down to 1.2 million by March 31st 2013. Kris gave DmC a 7/10 in our review of the game, and generally the game was positively met by other reviewers.

It’s difficult to say why DmC hasn’t sold as well as projected, though some on the factors could be placed on the pre release negativity that the reboot met from fans of the series.

A second reason could be a lack of product awareness. There wasn’t much of an advertising presence through the traditional media of television and advertising boards, at least in my opinion anyway. A third reason could also be placed on the release window itself, with it being so soon after a big holiday with people still recovering their costs.

The report also revealed sales of Capcom’s other main titles, with Resident Evil 6 selling 4.8 million units which is below Capcom’s desired figures.

Dragon’s Dogma has reached 1.25 million units sold, and Operation Raccoon City hasn’t been successful at all  having only shifted 650,000 units to date.

Source: Capcom 


  1. Reason why the game did sell well …how about the economic downturn large parts of the world is having. Games are only a luxery, not life essential.

  2. I hope this doesn’t mean that Ninja Theory won’t be back with a DmC sequel as I really enjoyed their reboot both from a story and gameplay perspective.
    I think they did an excellent job and I’m having even more fun on my second playthrough than I did on my first!

  3. Finished it last night, very enjoyable mainly due to the fantastic script.

    • Agreed, the dialogue was absolutely ace, and very well acted. Ending was pitch perfect too.

      • I did chuckle heartily for a few minutes after the “I’ve got a a bigger dick” line.

  4. 1.2M isn’t exactly a flop either – Plus the positive critical reception makes me think we’re very likely to see a sequel by Ninja Theory, which I look forward to.

    • They’re making a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma based on a similar figure so hopefully Ninja Theory will get the go ahead!

      • Fingers crossed. They deserve to finally get a sequel to something.

  5. Not surprised by this as the fanbase(which i’ve learnt is one of the worse, apparently, they threw a massive hissy fit when DMC4 was announced as a multiplat game) turned it’s back on the reboot. That said, i’ve heard that they’ve butchered Vergil thus they can kindly die as no-one butchers vergil! As well as turning Mundus into a right banker, literally.

    Hopefully, Capcom will split DMC into two franchises, the Ninja Theory one and the traditional Capcom one as DMC4 left a lot of questions. Such as Nero being related to Dante(tis implied). Shall pick DMC:Devil May Cry, why did they name it that as it’s basically, Devil May Cry:Devil May Cry when it’s cheap as i’m not really inclined to pick it up any time soon.

  6. Dante’s peaked?

  7. Well, looks like there are many different factors. But, personally, I think it’s that now age old thing of people buying a console, only playing FIFA or COD and then not buying any other £40 games. The market as a whole for pull-priced AAA games is in a slump I feel.

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