Insomniac Expanding Outernauts to iOS

Insomniac might be elbow-deep in Fuse at the moment. Let’s not forget, though, that last year saw them put out their Facebook-based monster catching game, Outernauts. Well, now it seems that they’re expanding onto iOS.

They’ve posted a job listing with Gamasutra that hopes to snare an experienced iOS programmer to help bring Outernauts to Apple. The job listing mentions new features:


We are looking to you to help design and implement new game features, optimize for memory and performance, and provide tools for content creators. We are also looking for you to write server and database code to support new features.

Reaction to Insomniac’s expansion into more casual areas of gaming, along with the much criticised direction they’ve taken with Fuse’s renaming and change of style, is causing some to complain (the GAF thread is predictably miserable). It’s clear that Outernauts has at least been moderately successful on Facebook though, to warrant an iOS version, and it’s notable that this is an expansion rather than a change of approach.

While social and mobile games aren’t for everyone, they do have the potential to be great money spinners. We’ll look on keenly at the progress of Fuse and hope that there’s something Resistance-related from Insomniac at the PlayStation Meeting in a couple of weeks.

Source: Gamasutra via GAF



  1. Can’t see anything resistance coming from them. I thought they’d pretty much announced they were writing on anything resistance related and maybe never again. Another developer might be though.

  2. Yes that’s what I thought? Insomniac have finished with Resistance sadly, not to say Sony haven’t got another dev to do something with the franchise though?

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