Skyrim PS3 DLC Dated For Europe

A date for DLC would not normally warrant a news post of its own but as it’s a slow news days and the DLC in question is for the PS3 version of Skyrim then I think I will make an exception.

So, Skyrim DLC – it has been announced, it exists, it has been dated in the US and finally we have a release date for Europe. Personally I won’t believe it until I see the ‘buy’ button on the PSN store but that fateful day is almost upon us and those dates are a day after the DLC is released in America:

  • Dragonborn releases Wednesday, February 13th
  • Hearthfire releases Wednesday, February 20th
  • Dawnguard releases Wednesday, February 27th

Hip hip hooray! Bethesda have done it… almost.

I have some bad news if you are fan of cheese, pasta, sausage and big hats: the DLC released will be the English language versions and the French, Italian, German and Spanish language packs are still being worked on.

Don’t forget that the DLC will be half price on the week release, although Bethesda have yet to tell us what that price is. Hopefully we’ll get news soon.

Source: Bethesda Blog



  1. This was announced last week :|

    • I didn’t know ?

    • See this?

      See the update? Dated today. US details were announced last week not ours.

      • Right and? Other sites just said expect it to land the day after. Yeah it was speculation but its not like this site doesn’t dabble in speculation ;)

      • And so you saying it was “announced last week” was incorrect.

        No say “Sorry TC” or it off to bed with no supper for you!

      • It was still announced, in fact it was announced on 18th Jan they were coming Feb. So when the US dates were announced as the 12th, 19th and 26th it seems pretty logical the we’d get them the 13th, 20th and 27th. Any later and they wouldn’t all be released in Feb like they said they would ;)

        I’m not that hungry anyway

      • US Dates. The title of this post is for Europe. Europe was never announced, and with the fiddly bobbins of multiple laguages it was never safe to assume the DLC would be out the same week. As it stands Bethesda have cheated and are only releiasing the English packs which would be identical to the US release, as mentioend above the rest of Europe still has to wait.

        Now shush. And get on that step. :P

      • Tuffcub, haven’t you already been warned about telling members to get onto that step? ;)

  2. February this year right?

    • SHHHHHH!!!! No one else has spotted there is no release YEAR.. shhhh!

    • One can’t be sure enough with Bethesda.

  3. The huge delay on this put me right off Skyrim. I haven’t played it in months and unless the price is REALLY good, I don’t think I’ll bother now.

  4. Think I’m going to wait until the eventual GotY edition.

  5. you believe it once the buy button is there?
    this is scee you know, even the buy button is no guarantee where they’re concerned, as i think last week, and many other weeks come to think of it, will show. ^_^

  6. Does anyone know how much (in real money) they were on the 360?

  7. Merde!

  8. Dlc from Bethesda is an urban legend,just like the CS:GO myth.

  9. wooo! finally! can’t wait! =D

  10. Whilst i’m glad we will finally get it, i’ll just get the complete/goty edition to save both space and cash. Wonder if we will have to wait 7-10 months for the GOTY edition after the 360 gets it?

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