Dead Space 3 Awakened DLC To Launch Next Month

The review embargo might have lifted just over an hour ago but EA aren’t wasting any time with announcing a DLC pack for the third instalment in the Dead Space series.

There aren’t a lot of details right now, but developer Visceral Games promise to bring “the franchise’s darkest chapters” with Awakened, in what seems to be an all-new adventure that’s “even more gruesome and terrifying than ever before.”


Steve Papoutsis, General Manager of Visceral Games went on to say that “gamers will experience some of the most disturbing content they have ever seen in a Dead Space game” with Awakened. Let’s hope it takes the series back to its spine-chilling roots, though Papoutsis is confident, finishing with “they are going to love it.”

Awakened will cost $9.99 on PSN in the US and 800 MicroSoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace. No specific date has been given, though we know it will release in March.

Source: Press Release



  1. sigh*

  2. No.

  3. for a tenner, it wants to be pretty substantial, which means they’ve probably been working on it for a few months now.
    well before launch. o_O

    • I look forward to buying this in a year or so’s time, when the full game is available on disc for less than £20.

      • ^ Exactly what Pete said.

        I usually play games six to nine months after release date when they come down in price or wait for the inevitable GOTY edition (i.e. Borderlands 2).

        It also has to do with me having around 20 games to get through (just beat Metro 2033 last night).

  4. EA, EA, you are starting to shoot yourself in the foot. Will these companies ever learn?

    and extra £10 a month after release, with micro transactions. Lets fucking take their souls eh?

  5. I liked it better when DLC was rare rather than the rule..

    • Same.

      This is not exclusive to Dead Space 3.

  6. That is such a substantial piece of DLC. Surely they could have squeezed that on the disc for release?

    I guess I don’t mind DLC like this if it has had a separate part of the team (maybe called The DLC Team) and therefore doesn’t cut into the development cost and time of the Main Team.

    Is that the case?

  7. Yeah somebody “Awaken” me when it’s on ps plus.

  8. I think they have beaten their own record on DLC announcements. 1 hour after embargo, has that ever been down before? Anyway, i’ll dig out the usual sigh and feck off EA reply to use on this article. So that’s 100 dollars in total and the game hasn’t been released yet. I can buy a netbook for that price or a phone or a lot of tesco’s horsemeat burgers or biscuits etc..

    Suspect it’s going to be full of gunfights with other humans because who needs more nercomorphs when you can kill other humans.

  9. So they got 20 hours worth of content, which already some people say is too much and then even have more actual story content on the way (not just lazy map packs that are rereleases from prequels half the time) at standard story DLC price and all people do is moan about it.
    Gaming has become a really sad hobby…
    The same logic applies to all games. Don’t like it? Don’t play it. They obviously didn’t hold back content with the original game lasting as long as it does so why be upset? Other games let you purchase DLC season passes well before the game, let alone the DLC is out but announcing DLC after the game was released (no matter how close to the release) is suddenly a reason to rage.

    I know EA is a greedy corporation and I have no interest in playing DS3 at all but this is getting ridiculous. People go nuts everytime EA is mentioned in an article, it’s crazy.

    • Yeah, I realized it comes out on Friday… My point still stands…

  10. Not a DLC fan at all really but this particular piece has three plus-points for me:

    1) 800ms points, so about £7.50, which is more reasonably priced than most DLC (plus I have just over 800ms points in my wallet currently)
    2) It’s campaign DLC – a rarity when it comes to extra content (usually its multiplayer rubbish).
    3) It comes out close to the release of the full game so I don’t have to hold onto my copy for ages and can trade it towards Bioshock at the end of next month.

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