Scribblenauts Appears On The UK Wii U eShop

Scribblenauts may well have been delayed and recalled at the last minute, but Nintendo have still published the full game onto the eShop overnight.


It’s £50 if you’re keen, which is a fair whack but if you’re looking for something to spend some money on for your Wii U (especially given that Rayman is now months away) there you go.

We expect that this is an error and the listing will be removed as soon as Nintendo realises, so downloading might be a risk.


  1. Given Nintendo’s somewhat iffy history with downloads I think I’ll just wait for Monster Hunter and Lego City to play on my Wii U!

  2. Is this the same game available for pre-order at £22.99 on Steam? Whats the difference, digital console games so need to have a better pricing model. like I think this and the likes of Kens Rage 2, One Piece and some other thing.. would’ve been £20 odds rather than £50 its ridiculous :/

    • I don’t understand it either – particularly Kens Rage 2, which isn’t much of an upgrade from the first game and is yet another Musou title. I’d merrily pay £20 to run around hitting lots of brainless bad guys, but I won’t ever pay £50 for any game these days. Even more confusingly it’s only getting a digital release over here so if you want to play it you only have one option!

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