Bungie’s FPS “Destiny” Coming This October, PS3 And Xbox 360 Versions Confirmed By Leaks

destiny boxart

Bungie’s next game after they moved on from Halo is set to be revealed in a day or two, but a few leaks today have at least indicated some of the details before any official announcement gets the chance to do things right – as is usually the situation these days.

First up is a release date – currently October according to one French retailer – a boxart and a description of sorts.


“Everything changed with the arrival of Voyageur.,” it says. “It was originally a Golden Age that allowed our civilization to establish itself in the solar system. But it could not last.”

“Something we put ashore broke. The survivors built a city in the Voyageur before returning explore our ancient worlds where only mortal enemies awaited them.”

“You are a Guardian, protector of last haven of life on Earth, armed with incredible powers. You must defend the city. Defeat our enemies. And look what we have lost. Be strong.”

Yep, that sounds like Bungie’s rather whimsical, ethereal blurb if ever I saw it.

GameStop posters also leaked out before they were meant to be public, the text pointing out that Destiny is “a shooter that redefines the genre and breaks with conventions” and offers a solo campaign and “competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes.”

The game is being perhaps cynically marketed (on the posters at least) as being from “the creators of Halo” and, somewhat amusingly, the “publishers of Call of Duty” with the posters positively packed with “we’re not associated with those guys” disclaimers.

Many were hoping that Destiny would be a next generation title, but only PS3 and Xbox 360 versions could be found – that’s understandable though, no online retailer is currently offering pre-orders for PS4 and Xbox 720 games. Not yet, anyway.



  1. It’ll be interesting to see how Activision markets this game. I’m sure they’re trying to be careful so as not to compete with the CoD franchise. But at the same time try to capture some of that Halo magic. I’m actually surprised that Activision didn’t shoot for an earlier launch since if it gets delayed it’ll be infringing on the CoD release window.

  2. I’d love it if Destiny was next gen it could have more potential than to be kept back by the current gen hardware… *sighs*

  3. Hmm sci-Fi/FPS – 1 trick pony Bungie :D

  4. Food for thought: Micromania is owned by GameStop.

  5. I’m really looking forward to this. I personally wouldn’t care if this is a Halo clone. It was their creation in the first place, so if anyone knows how to improve upon the existing franchise and take it up a notch, it’s those guys. They also happen to have created some of the best split screen campaign coop experiences of this (and last) generation, and that alone is a selling point for me.

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