Community Chronicle: 17/02/13

Just a few more days, people! Then we can all board the hype train, and ride it all the way to launch of whatever it is Sony’s announcing. Before you get on, you should be aware that it’s a one way journey, with no refunds available.

Even without a PS4, Lewis (PSN ID: PSYCHOBOY) is living in the future, thanks to his HMZ-T2!

I have a slim PlayStation 3 with a 128 gig SSD drive in there which makes Skyrim, Gran Turismo 5 and most fighting games nippy quick thanks to installs. The Bravia is a KDL-55EX – 55 inches of awesome 2D. Not very good at 3D sadly, but games look immense on it. Then there’s the Wii U premium model, which gets plenty of love thanks to my addiction to New Super Mario. All piped through a Logitech 7.1 surround sound system. Got it because it was a high performer for low cost, but looking to upgrade it to something a little beefier.

The Wii U and the Bravia sit on hand carved Indian tables that I got on a visit to India. Everything used to sit on a big black obelisk of an entertainment unit, but it completely blocked any sunlight entering the room, and I have been told you need that stuff…

It’s a nice setup and I’m quite happy with it, but my ultimate gaming setup has to be the HMZ-T2 and my comfy chair. Got the HMZ from the Sony store this Christmas as a present for myself. If you have not used one yet I highly recommend you try one. It’s pretty much like playing games on an IMAX screen. Not the most social of devices, and I got some very disapproving looks when I first started using it, but it is also the perfect solution to the age old problem, “what does a gamer do when his other half wants to watch soaps?”

Gran Turismo 5 + Logitech GT steering wheel + HMZ-T2 + Comfy Chair is gaming nirvana!

I guess that the only real downside to the HMZ thing is that it makes looking down at the Wii U GamePad a little tricky. Otherwise it would be the perfect device.

Also, an obligatory shot of his drinks cabinet. Don’t drink and 3D, kids.

If you’d like to share your gaming set up too, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on twitter @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

I do like it when I get to talk about myself, and this week I got the platinum for Sound Shapes, and 100% for all the DLC sound packs. I must say I did make it quite easy for myself by just needing to a) install the game and b) sync my save from Vita to PS3… I may be one of the slowest people to have copied it across like this! Oh, and the DLC was all a piece of cake with the little puzzles.

As for the rest of you, it’s actually been quite quiet. LTG Davey dismembered his way through Dead Space 3 already. He found it enjoyable, but was disappointed by the lack of individuality to the co-op. Crazy_Del has also been marching towards the DS3 Platinum, with just a handful of big trophies left. He’s also been kicking Ghost Recon and Aliens: CM’s online behinds.

Oddly enough, there’s also a healthy contingent of people playing through Dead Space 2 this week. Steven completed the story, endlessly wishing for it to have more of the original’s atmosphere, whilst kjkg has just started it. Youles has been handing out Hardcore mode tips for it, while Origami has picked up the original too.

R1MJAW completed a game I’ve never, ever heard of. It’s called Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2. He’s done the story, but it sounds absolutely bonkers, if you ask me. Less crazy is blast71 finishing the most excellent Deus Ex: Human Resources (I know it’s Revolution really), along with the DLC side quest.

Darth Newdar’s been busy finishing up The Unfinished Swan for 100%, saying “Fantastic game, really enjoyed it – it just never quite managed to live up to the pure magic of the first five minutes, which for me is one of the most memorable experiences in any game I’ve played.” Though personally, I loved every single second of its ever shifting gameplay.

Freezebug’s been busying himself with aliens once more this week, just not in Aliens: Colonial Marines, but Alien Breed. He took 2 and a half years to get the Platinum for the first, took all the easy trophies from the PSN release of the original, and is pushing on with the second and third game.

We don’t often see people talking about Xbox achievements, but we really should. Starman has attempted the record for slowest 1000G ever, getting the first achievement for Fight Night 3 on 01/06/06, and only recently buying the game a second time and polishing off the last few this week six and a half years later!

But we finish off this week with one of my favourite old fogeys from TSA, Ro6afc11. I’ve always had fun racing against him in the F1 games, but it was NFS: Most Wanted where he got the Platinum on New Year’s Day. A little out of character, since he claims to very rarely platinum anything, but it looks like he’s making a habit of it, polishing off the trophy list for Far Cry 3 on Valentine’s Day. Apparently he and his wife are a little past caring about that one, so he was free to embrace his budding bromance with Adamguest1985 and get the FC3 Platinum together.

That’s true love, I’m telling you!

That’s almost all you get this week. You can head over to page two for the fastest platinum leaderboards, but to finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. Very nice set up man, stunning TV screen. Good to see that you went for a black Wii-U, I somehow don’t think a whitey would have cut it in there….worth paying the extra moolah ;)
    Grats everyone on their latest achievements, a lot more to shout about than last week fo-sho. I also 100%’ed Bentley’s Hackpack the other day, great little game on PS3 and I bet it works a treat on the Vita with it’s 20 motion control of the 60 levels included, an ideal pick up and play game with some well thought out short challenge levels.

  2. Nice touch with the liquor cabinett and the TSA site promenently on the telly.

    • I particularly liked the “His & Hers” bottles of Vodka, a 1 litre and a 75cl. :P

      • Ha Ha nice spot there dude! Vodka is essential for the Gran Turismo drinking game (This also works with Mari Kart). The winner of a split screen race takes a shot of vodka. you can do it in a knockout table, or the most lethal way is winner stays on… We had to stop playing the game after a few weekends, because it was giving one of my friends false confidence in his drink driving capabilities. We stole his keys :)

  3. ooooh, just a few moments too late with the Ni No Kuni Platinum XD. got it last night. ah well only one fastest plat trophy behind Del then. could be possible to catch up opn him next week then. almost finished with Chronicles of Riddick and Lost Planet 2 which still no one has. also very nice set-up you got there.

    I do like ito see how others are playing games. think i’ll send some photo’s as well the coming week to share my gaming set up with TSA.

  4. Wow, that’s like the video game equivalent of a photo of the yeti – is that a wii u I see? Not many of those around hey? Nice set up though.

  5. Pleased to see my slowest 1000/1000 featured, I wonder if it can be beaten?!

  6. Did i really put Deus Ex Human Resources?! DOH! Wasn’t even pissed either, so no excuses:p

    • Hahaha. No, no, that was just me being silly :)

      • Fairy muff, made me chuckle anyway ;)

  7. Ha ha trust you teflon :P that is not quite what I said but it does kind of fit so fair play, we’ll go with it.

    Thoroughly enjoyed both those games which shows I guess by the fact I Platinumed them. Thankfully they didn’t have any demanding online trophies which suits me fine.

    • Got to keep myself amused, haven’t I? ;)

  8. bongos and a drinks cabinet..what more can you ask for???
    fekin perfect set up IMHO

  9. rimjaw is quite clearly a trophy whore “no offense bud” lol im an achievement whore myself and to be fair i have played some dollop in my time *open season*springs to mind…

  10. Booooo! Element666 took my fastest platinum for Skate 3.

    If they ever release a Skate 4 the race is back on my friend! :-p

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