Destiny Art And Information Appears Ahead Of Reveal

Bungie’s “Destiny” is set for a full reveal this evening, but in the meantime a video has emerged from IGN that points to a few facts about the hugely anticipated upcoming game.

The leak – via here (and the video is here) – suggests there are at least three classes and the game looks very much like an MMO style first person shooter.


The three classes are Hunter (a sniper like class), Warlock (with magic) and Titan (assault style). Whilst it’s an MMO there are apparently no subscriptions, a City on Earth will act as a social hub and Mars and the Moon will be visitable.

The video also suggests that the game will be for current-gen machines (the PS3 and 360) and next generation tech too – although details are (obviously) a little more vague on that one.

Hopefully we’ll get gameplay footage when the embargo lifts this evening.

Via GAF.



  1. There are very few concept environments that excite me, usually there’s not a lot new the imagination can conjure up. These pictures look incredible though, quite looking forward to the video this evening.

  2. Mind-blowing artwork, there.

    The combination of sci-fi and magic is highly alluring. Fingers crossed we’ll actually see some in-engine stuff when the embargo lifts later today.

  3. Sounds intriguing.

    Is it Wednesday yet :)

  4. Didn’t Bungie say that if anybody leaked their info early, they would feed the offenders to a tiger? I can only be so hopeful when it’s IGN.

  5. Looks like halo meets mass effect

  6. Looks interesting, the character art work reminds me of the Brink characters, they look quite similar I think. Roll on the big reveal.

  7. Hmmm,let’s see the video first.

  8. Like :-)

  9. booooooo! a bungie game on the overpriced overrated internet ready blur-ay player…
    fukin sell outs!!!

    • Now you’ve done it. JBoo will have your head for that.

  10. Looks pretty shite.

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