Evolution Studios (MotorStorm) Linked With “Drive Club”

And so it begins. Ahead of the big Sony reveal later tonight, everyone has been trying to dig up any information they can about what Sony and their related studios might be up to. Dutch website, Gamer.nl, has found a trademark application.

The trademark relates to something called “Drive Club” which is filed in the computer games, video games or interactive software category with Trademarkia. It was published for opposition (a step in the sealing up of formal trademarks) on January 22nd 2013, with the initial application early last year.

A little more digging shows that Evolution Studios had previously filed the same trade mark in 2005, two years before MotorStorm was released for the PlayStation 3.

This might be a protective filing, reserving the name for future projects, but the timing is certainly enough to link it to whatever the studio might be preparing to talk about in New York tonight. Whether it’s their new game, or perhaps a service related to their new game (think along the lines of Need for Speed’s Autolog), we don’t know. Yet.

Excited yet?

Source: Gamer.nl via GAF



  1. Right well that will be why you’re ignoring me on Twitter asking “Shall I write up the Evolution thing” :P

  2. Not sure if I’m excited for something that isn’t Motorstorm, but I’m sure it’ll be good coming from Evolution.

    • same thoughts! Love the Motorstorm franchise but would be would love to see Evolution go in a new route with a new IP

  3. I’m all revved up!

  4. I’m still mad at Sony for the time of their event. The always seem to let their eu customers down! If they would have done a 13.00pm press thingy, everyone here would be getting in their jammies now.
    But yes! Super excited about later tonight

    • Which would be 8am in America, which they would never do.

  5. Great one, you’ve already gone and broke the first rule of Drive Club.

  6. Drive Club looks brilliant, made for TSA!

  7. I’m glazing while I watch these demos in low-end, streaming video. Everything looks like PS3 to me. Are the visuals really that much better?

  8. PS4 + Killzone + DriveClub = Sounds like thats my Xmas 2013 sorted ;)

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