Capcom Unveil PS4 Exclusive ‘Deep Down’

Capcom have stepped on stage at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting to show off their new PS4 title, Deep Down, although that’s a working title at the moment.

They’re developing it on a new engine – code named Panta Rhei – and it looks extremely good, from what we’ve seen, although it looked to be a pre-rendered video rather than some realtime gameplay.

It’s a medieval-esque game, featuring impressive dragons… and dungeons. The aim of the game is to either “conquer your fear… or die a coward” by holding your shield up while a dragon burns everything in your vicinity, naturally.

There’s also hints of social features in there, with a screen of what appears to be a player asking for help using the PS4’s social features showing up at the end.


  1. I thought perhaps it was going to be Dragons Dogma 2! Looked cool – I wonder whether they’re going for the Demon’s Soul approach?

  2. Looked impressive. And I loved the idea of being able to ask friends for help.

  3. Rendered or not, that was the best eye candy of the whole show :)

  4. The end was reference to Street Fighter! The message was from Blanka with a picture of him on the left

    • I think that was his avatar :)

      • Could very well just be that but the tone of that little end segment just seemed very different compared to the rest of the video

  5. The end was a reference to Street Fighter! The message was from Blanka with a picture of him on the left

  6. Great visual effects. If they can carry most of it over to the real game on the PS4, I’ll be impressed.

  7. Looked very impressive.

  8. Thought it looked good. Maybe not the best on show, and gameplay would have been nice. Still, was enjoyable to watch.

  9. Love the communal aspect of this. Looks stunning as well!

  10. Best looking PS4 game so far (wonder if final game will match it though), again Capcom’s engine eems to be all about the advanced lighting and particle effects.

    Now what i really want is From Software to ‘drop the bomb’ of Demon’s Souls 2, PS4 exclusive and for that to have the same impact seeing PS3 Demon’s Souls had.

    So far PS4 tech seems solid enough, no surprises as every god damn thing in creation ‘leaks’ onto net weeks in advance, fantastic to see it not throttled back in the Ram dept, i just need the OMG games, to go with it.

    Did’nt go much on Dragon’s Dogma, so fingers crossed for future From Software annoucements (ohh and just think what you could get from O.T.O.G.I 3 running on Ps4 From Software, you know you want to!).

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