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Watch Dogs Live Demo on PS4

We all suspected that Watch Dogs would be a next generation title, and though it’s still slated for current generation machines, Jonathan Moran from Ubisoft Montreal was on stage to confirm that Watch Dogs is going to hit the PS4.

The same common themes we saw at last E3 are back, as the trench-coated player wanders the brilliantly rendered streets. Every person and so many world items have little icons above their heads, and there’s a live feed of data from those people in the bottom left. Pull out your phone and you’ll see their online handles, be able to steal money from someone’s bank account, tap into security cameras.

There’s a lot of stuff going on, but aside from ripping someone off, you might happen onto a live mission, as we saw with a woman having an argument with a man. A victim meter gradually rose as their argument boiled over, and the option of intervening was given, and go for a bit of vigilante justice.

The guy makes a break for it, and the chase is on, showing off some of the free running which has a lot in common with Assassin’s Creed in style. The live feed of information continues, as we heard a woman phone the incident and chase in to the police, but once the bad guy was caught your mission was accomplished.

Then it’s just down to evading the cops, with cars inbound to your location. Similar to last year’s video, the player was able to manipulate the bollards built into the road, to have a cop car crash into it with some great looking damage, before turning to shoot out the tyres on another, having it veer out of control in the process. A karma meter in the top left keeping watch of what you’re doing.

A little more free running and the player made his escape by hopping onto a train (which he could control), and we cut to a final segment which tantalisingly hints at the multiplayer mode.

Viewed through a security camera, the player is tracked, seemingly by another person, who instigates a hack on their phone. As the train passes by, we get to see the player glare at the camera as he shuts down the attempted hack.

It all has quite an exciting feel to it, as we got a second look at this game. A lot we already knew, but things like the karma system, victim meter and side missions gave us a quick glimpse at further gameplay. This will be one to watch at E3.

– Images taken from PlayStation Meeting live stream.

Update: It’s been confirmed that the Watch Dogs demo was running on a PC with similar specs to the PS4, rather than on the PS4 itself.


  1. In the after show chat on GameTrailers, the Ubi guy announced that when you’re playing in single player… you come across other people online who are playing their single player.
    Seems a bit like Journey.

    He said you can disable that too & he didn’t go into too many details as they’re still to announce everything.

    For me, this is the most exciting AAA game I’ve seen for a very long time even before that nugget of info, but the implications are huge.

    He also announced for Wii U, which I believe hadn’t been mentioned before.

    • Yeah, this is the one to look out for. I think GTA V will have a hard time once this comes out… asuming they can live up to what they’ve showed so far.

      • Not sure how GTAV will go, I mean obviously it’s a money printing machine & know I’ll enjoy fooling around when I get about a quarter of the way through the game and I get bored with the endlessly repetitive nature of going from map marker to map marker to kill someone or fetch something…

        I just find that so incredibly yawnsome in open world games where absolutely anything is possible but all the missions are identikits of each other just getting progressively harder.

        Whereas with Watch Dogs you look like you get all that plus there’s all the cool stuff layered on top of that, plus this news of shared instances too, makes GTA seem old hat and last gen regardless of the graphical sheen they can put on it.

        Cannot wait for Watch Dogs, so excited for it.

      • Yeah, that’s what I meant. GTA V will definitely outsell this significantly, but Watch Dogs will probaly usher in a new generation of open world gaming. GTA 3 might have revolutionized this genre but Rockstar failed to innovate beyond making maps bigger.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this, loved how you could control virtually everything. As with everything else shown tonight, i can’t wait to see better quality video.

  3. The intro was a bit too Creedy, but the rest looked great.

  4. I’ll probably buy this for pc.

  5. One of the highlights of last night. The demo was pretty damn impressive.

  6. Shame my stream went a bit jumpy and laggy during this. One of the highlights of the night though from the smooth bits i saw.

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