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Further Gravitas To New Xbox Reveal As XboxEvent.com Domain Registered

U.S. Techs has registered XboxEvent.com, adding further weight to rumours that Microsoft are about to hold a press conference to reveal their new console.

The Seattle company is a division of Rapid Systems, and was responsible for organising Microsoft’s last E3 in 2012, so it’s almost certainly going to be for a similar thing.

Microsoft are expected to reveal their new machine in April, according to a few sources (some of whom appear to work for Sony, curiously).

Sony revealed the PS4 on Wednesday.


  1. MS would be wise to announce it within the next few months to ensure that Sony don’t convince everyone to buy a PS4 but if Sony decides to show the PS4 on the same day as the Xbox 3 get announced, it would be interesting to see if MS can keep the 720 in the spotlight. I am hoping MS won’t ruin another film as they bloody did that at the last E3, they showed a bit of Promethus which, apparently was a part of the ending. :( And not dedicate half a bloody hour to Usher.

    If they confirm that it will block preowned games, they will have chopped their own foot off due to the amount of people that buy preowned or use preowned to gather funds for the next game. Fifa always get traded in by people for the newest version.

    • I don’t think they dedicated half an hour to Usher, wasn’t it about 5 minutes? Less time than Sony spent on Wonderbook certainly.

      If Sony wanted to show the PS4 again the day that Microsoft reveal they’d lose. They’ll probably put out a few press releases to try and disrupt the news cycle and stop Microsoft getting a completely free run at it, but we’ve already seen Sony’s console and know a lot of what it has to offer, whereas, leaks aside, Microsoft’s is a blank slate. That’s simply more interesting in my opinion.

      • You have seen the Console? Damn pics please :)

        But I think what he’s saying is show the actual design of the PS4.

      • It bloody felt like half an hour. Also, thanks to MS, i’ve effective seen Promethus. :O

        Sony have managed to get us speaking about the PS4 without showing the actual console itself. I suspect they will show us what it looks like either a few days or before the Xbox 3’s announcment as that would disrupt MS’s media coverage. Or do it at E3(probably E3).

        I am looking forward to see what MS will with the Durango(is the D silent?) or 720 or Greg or whatever it is called. Stop changing the damn codename of it, MS as it’s getting a bit hard to keep up with the latest one!

      • If anything, Microsoft saved you from actually wasting time to see Prometheus… I was pretty hyped about the movie and I tried to convince myself that it was good, but other than a few cool effects, it was one of the shittest movies of that year.

  2. Feb 2013 – Sony announce new Playstation forcing the competition to show their cards
    2 months later…
    April 2013 – Microsoft announce and show new Xbox because you can’t “announce a console without actually showing a console” silly !
    the longest 2 months later…
    June 2013 – Sony show new Playstation at the flagship expo of the video game industry and Microsoft show us nothing new because we’ve already seen it all two months before at their “bigger and better, that’s how it’s done” event

    Well played Sony, Four-Four-Fucking-Two !

    • We’re along the same lines of thought here; I also doubt that we’ve seen all of what the console can do either – you’re telling me that since Move came out, their tech guys have developed nothing for the new console apart from a Move sensor bar? & that sensor bar – the move was accurate enough with one camera, so why does it suddenly need two?

      Sony’s playing a clever game here; it’s certainly going to be an interesting few months.

      • Well, they said at the conference why it now has two cameras: to be able to determine your position in 3D space.

      • It could already do that well enough; just fire up the Table Tennis on Sports Champions on the highest difficulty if you want proof. The only reason to use stereoscopic cameras over the existing arrangement is if you’re doing depth perception without glowing balls or strips, which means Sony have a Kinect-style 3D mapping system unannounced and ready to go. Given all the talk about reducing latency as well, my money’s still on Sony bringing in VR of some kind next generation – it’d give their failing TV side a much-needed lifeline, and if it works would be almost impossible for MS to beat. PSX – CD-ROM; PS2 – DVD; PS3 – Blu-Ray; PS4 – VR? If anyone could, Sony is best positioned to do so.

    • Microsoft could keep some third party exclusives up their sleeves for E3. Square Enix didn’t show anything new at Sony’s event but told us to wait for E3. If they announce FFXV as a PS4 exclusive or reannounce FF Versus XIII as a PS4 launch title, I will crap my pants in a rush of excitement and happyness.

  3. Well one thing is certain: MS is going to have a hard time topping Sony in the RAM department after Sony dropped that 8GB GDDR5 176GB/s bomb :D

    Rumour has it MS is going for 8GB DDR3 with only 68GB/s badwidth.

  4. MS has some terrible luck with presentations, hopefully they just keep it simply and leave the dancing bears at home. But its still a new console and they’ll undoubtedly dominant the headlines for the week, just as Sony has done with their reveal. They might not be able to match the RAM, but the teraflops were rumored to be higher on the xbox, so I’m fairly confidant their game videos will look just as good, maybe even better. And just like Sony I’m sure they’re not going to comment on anything controversial like DRM, or anything sensitive like network services. Since Sony is still playing their cards close to their chest I doubt MS will go far to one up them, in fact I think MS will only react to the playstation event and then make one extra move, then wait for a Sony counter or E3.
    I know MS and Sony treat these launches like a chess game, carefully watching their opponents moves to predict their strategy. Both keep looking to snare the other in a pinch, hoping someone makes a hasty mistake. So I know that MS will be ready.

    • Isn’t dancing bears a… well.. you know..?

      • Yes it is yiddo, yes it is.

        Oh and yeeeeaaahhh, ny favourite word.


  5. i hope we wont have to fork out lots for the gaikai stuff. should be in playstation plus

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