Community Chronicle: 24/02/13

So who wants a PS4, then? I really can’t wait myself.

For one thing, we’ll be able to shake things up on TSA, since everyone will have a little button to send us video of crazy things that have happened online. It’ll take so much effort out of sharing stuff!

Video of the Week, anyone?

You might not really recognise him from TSA too much, living a little in the background during the times he’s been here. Instead, Chille_UK is a kind of special guest, being a writer over on PlayStation Universe. Some might say rivals, but we think there’s always space for some friendship in the PlayStation… multiverse.

I’ll hand over to the man himself:

Hey! Some of you may know my work from other places, and that often I brag about my Playstation 3 game collection. So here it is!

Well, most of it. There are a few omisions due to lack of both organistion skills and shelf space. The main missing item is my Borderlands 2 loot chest, due to it not exactly being a good shelf size!

I guess I will be trying to find room for the Playstation 4 eventually, too. ;)

Thank you for reading.

That is a lot of games, though I kind of cringe at seeing all those collectors editions stacked so precariously at the top!

If you’d like to share your gaming set up, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on twitter @teflon, or just send me an email out of the blue to [email protected]

Some interesting game releases this week, with both Metal Gear Rising and Crysis 3 hitting shelves. Both are somewhat polarising, from what I’ve seen. Some have come to love MGR’s wholesale shake up, but others simply won’t get on with it.

We may have to wait a little to get some more detailed feedback on those games, but other recent releases seem to have been getting some love. LTG Davey finished his play through of Aliens: Colonial Marines. He “Quite enjoyed it at first [but] ended up hating it towards the end. Generic gameplay, cruddy voice acting, naff textures and ultimately just a flat experience. Multiplayer was good mind.”

Crazy_Del seems to have enjoyed the multiplayer too, playing it on his way to the fastest Platinum. Del’s also been slogging through Dead Space 3, finishing off Classic Mode, with Survival and Hardcore still to come… and dread. It might help to have a little buddy alongside?

Youles and MadJunkBoy have decided that co-op is the way to go for Dead Space 3, having just started a joint playthrough with MJB recording video as they go. Remember what I said above about sharing video? This is what I’m talking about! It should be good fun to see the spills and thrills, and I’ll be sure to feature them in the future.

Speaking of Dead Space, Origami Killer has finished his first go with the first entry in the series, before heading back into space to hunt a few trophies. Meanwhile, Steven’s finished up a game of Darksiders 2, but bizarrely didn’t give us a 30,000 word dissertation on the matter!

Yogdog completed the Chaos Rising expansion pack for Dawn of War 2 on Primarch difficulty. I assume that’s what they call “Very Easy” mode (Kidding, of course). As for R1MJAW, he managed to get back to 100% with the two Skyrim DLC packs released so far.

There’s not been many Platinums so far this week, but we have fastest records from Flexxible with Ni No Kuni and MistaPita with Persona 4: Golden. We round out this week’s proceedings with a pair of racers, as Freezebug nabs F1 Race Stars’ Platinum, and Thechunkymunky gets himself the Need For Speed: Most Wanted trophy to take himself to a fantastic 50th Platinum!

A simply fantastic achievement.

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Jesus that’s quite some collection! Wish I had the money to not have to trade in when I’m done with a game!
    Also glad to see I still have my 5 fastest plats, doubt I’ll ever add to that total as I rarely buy games on release now and don’t have the time or inclination to race through to plat.
    I’ve got a couple of games I’m close to platinum on. Fifa 13 and far cry 3. Just got to find time to get those remaining trophies.

  2. Yeah yeah, f*$& you Tef! :P

  3. Cheers for the mention Tef. MJB and I had a few embarrassing deaths but probably haven’t had anything too amusing happen yet! I’ve also been rather reserved vocally (which isn’t like me at all) since I don’t want to ruin his videos!! It’s our first playthrough which should hopefully make the videos a little less predictable!

    • Just go for it. The more candid the better. :)

      • yeahh thx for the mention…
        putted our vid in the YT forum thread… =)

  4. Great collection, I hate to think where the PS4 games might find a home though…..oh wait, digital of course :P

  5. That’s a lot of games!
    Cheers for the mention. Will probably put Dead Space on hold and go back into space again in Alien universe instead. Got Colonial Marines, despite reviews.

  6. Darksiders 2 was very easy to complete, considering that i’ve not played the game or own it. I did however complete Darkness 2. I’m begining to think that being on Sky news have caused you to become sloppy, Tef. ;)

    Turns out the Hitman HD trilogy does have a lot of flaws. The lack of being able to sneak up and knock someone out when you have nothing to do so with. The forced walking of the second game. etc.. Am enjoying it although, only playing in small bursts. :)

  7. Thanks for the mention Tef and yes you can use a buddy to help but, in co-op = more necromorphs and lack of ammo, meds etc….. Solo less necromorphs =P
    I plan to do another 2 playthroughs on Solo.
    Also nice collection there Chillie_UK and I too am running out of shelves =/

  8. Thanks for mentioning me Tef. Was quite surprised when I seen it! =D

    • Must’ve been a slow week, eh? :P

      Honestly, I try to catch everything and everyone that pops their stuff up onto TSA.

  9. Hmm, seems like my Crash Time 4 plat hasn’t been added as yet – Who do i need to poke? :)

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