EA Say Dead Space 4 Cancellation Rumours Are “Patently False”

EA have apparently spoken to US trade site Gamasutra this afternoon, claiming that the earlier rumours that an unannounced Dead Space 4 game had been cancelled due to poor sales of the last Dead Space game, Dead Space 3, are “patently untrue”.

Conveying this via Twitter, ad verbatim: “Rumors about poor Dead Space 3 sales and an unannounced Dead Space 4 being cancelled are ‘patently false,’ EA tells us. Spread the word!”


This is in direct response to a report this morning that said the game had been canned and that developers Visceral had been closed.

From what we can gather this afternoon it appears VideoGamer were asked to wait for a comment on the rumour overnight, with EA’s UK PR department simply returning with a “no comment” [1] [2].

Quite whether the Tweet confirms that a Dead Space 4 is in development is something we’ll hopefully find out soon enough, but it appears, at least just now, that the rumours weren’t true. Indeed, a quick glance suggests there are four Dead Space talks planned for GDC this month.



  1. shame I was hoping it had something to do with micro transaction bollocks they love pushing

  2. Damn you EA,next time cut off it’s head to make sure it’s dead please.

  3. With next gen looming it’ll be shit if they decided to close Visercal. Not a fan of Dead Space, but they could do so much with PS4 etc.

  4. That means nothing. Look at their wording, you cannot cancel something the doesn’t exist

    • Seems a bit suspicious, we have not cancelled unannounced Dead Space 4

  5. Really glad to hear this. The Dead Space trilogy are among the best games of this generation, and hopefully we’ll see many more next gen too! Haters will have something new to hate, and the rest will have awesome games to play :)

  6. Some sites jumping the gun again, eh? I’m pretty sure we would have seen a tweet of a Visceral dev or at least a change in someones online resume if they really closed their doors, especially if it supposedly happened a while ago.

  7. If Ea were to shut Visceral and every member of the Visceral team were able to set up a new dev, free of EA, that in my opinion would be better long term for the majority of people involved.
    EA’s meddling in Dead Space sequels removed that spark the game had and made it more of a camel and less of a horse.

  8. Damn shame if you ask me. Loved DS1, DS2 was less good in my opinion due to isaac talking, slightly old gameplay that wasn’t as fresh and stuff being reused from the first game almost verbatim just made it feel like beating a dying horse. I then played the DS3 demo, human vs human, boring boss battle, annoying jumping up corpses in obvious and well lit places were boring. I could walk faster while aiming than just walking in some areas, and catch all ‘ammo’ along with boring atmospheres killed the horror experience. Micro transactions were merely turning a tequila slammer into a tequila suicide. That is, bad into awful… It’s departed from horror into a boring action experience. Want to make an action game? Fine. Try harder.

    I hope it’s gone, and I hope visceral are put to work on something better that I’m sure they’ll do a great job at. DS1 is proof that they’re good, just let them be good.

    Sorry for the rant, just wanted saying.

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