Tomb Raider Films Set For A Reboot Too

Today sees the release of Lara’s latest visit to home consoles and PC. But it’s not chronological, in fact, it alters her origins somewhat from the original games. It’s a reboot, a gritty, more realistic reimagining of the character and her motivations.

Well, it looks like the Tomb Raider movies are about to get a chance to reimagine a little themselves. They’re being rebooted, if Variety’s info is correct. They’ve posted a piece that quotes sources from Crystal Dynamics and claims that the main developers on the new Tomb Raider took inspiration from the Nolan Batman trilogy and the Daniel Craig portrayal of Bond in their own reboot. And now the game development studio has their eyes on a similar reboot for the movie series.


If you’re a lover of camp action, Angelina Jolie and amusingly poor movie adaptations of videogames then you’re probably quite familiar with the Tomb Raider movies and the liberties they took with the source material. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life effectively killed the movie series with poor performance at the box office but this time around, the game makers have a much better handle on production.

Crystal Dynamics is working closely with GK Films who have some great pedigree. They produced The Departed, The Town, Blood Diamond, Hugo and Argo. They’re also currently working on World War Z starring Brad Pitt.

Given the videogame version of Lara and the new emphasis on developing her character and focussing on more harrowing, affecting scenarios, the collaboration with a production studio who are obviously adept at making character-driven movies seems a great choice. It’s quite clearly early days and there’s no news on who might be writing, directing or starring but it seems like everyone is approaching it from the right angles.

Source: Variety



  1. Uwe Boll to direct, lol

  2. Sounds promising. I’ve more enjoyed the gritty realistic approach to Bond and Batman in the last few years, and it can work with Tomb Raider :)

    • I’m with you there, last decade saw some terrible reboots but the last few years a few really great ones have cropped up. Batman and Bond are great examples, I loved Star Trek too, if were allowed to start speculating then I reckon a J J Abrams and Alex Garland cooperation could be the way to go for a new Tomb Raider.

      • I hope this trend continues until Star Wars Episode VIII comes out! :D

  3. Every movie gravitates towards a Nolan darker/gritty style.
    Every game franchise gravitates towards Uncharted’s action-adventure, cinematic style.

    Everything becomes the same.

    • We saw the same thing in games with Gears of War a few years ago. It’ll change, it just needs someone to kick off in a bold direction and everyone else will follow for a while. Not a bad couple of trends to follow though, for the time being.

  4. Good idea,great on paper lets keep it that way otherwise we’ll have James woods playing Lara croft who goes back to school with his sidekick monkey.

  5. I would say that Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) is perfect for the role of Lara Croft and she has even said in interviews in August 2012 that she would like to play the role of Lara Croft.

  6. uuuh no… use other Eidos IP getting sick of these reboots.

  7. All fine with me. The original Tomb Raider films were a bit of fun – not to be taken seriously along with so many other summer blockbusters that have come and gone.

    However, after seeing a great reboot of the game it’s easy to see how a more abrasive and committed version of Miss Croft might prove a genuinely good idea for the big screen.

  8. “…the new Tomb Raider took inspiration from the Nolan Batman trilogy and the Daniel Craig portrayal of Bond…”

    I’d be fine if the movie reboot took cues from the stuff mentioned above. As long as they don’t use Angelina Jolie again!

    • Please god no. Not Jolie. She looks like a pair of tits taped to a broom handle!

  9. is it too much to ask to get an english actress for Lara this time?

    Angelina Jolie wasn’t bad, she is after all an Oscar winning actress, but i’d still like to see somebody english in the role.

  10. A gym hardened Eva Mendes instantly sprung to mind.

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