Tomb Raider Quick Play – Fighting Through Fear [Video]

We play through an early combat sequence.

We jumped right in to the new Tomb Raider to give you a look at some of the combat and traversal. This is from a fairly early section of the game, using the bow a lot, rather than noisier weapons, and helping to introduce some of the sneaking and distraction tactics you can employ.

You can read our early impressions of the new Tomb Raider here, if that’s more your style.


  1. You know how half way through you mentioned charging the bow, does it actually have that much affect? It doesn’t look like there’s any arrow drop, so does charging it just make it deal more damage on enemies?

    Very nice video though Peter, it gives a good impression of what to expect, and from what I’ve read from other places, I haven’t really seen any bad comment. It’s just a shame I can’t afford it right now!

    • There’s no arrow drop, as far as I can tell (although that would be ace for an extra “hardcore” difficulty). The charging just seems to hit harder, from what I can see.

    • Ah cool, thanks for the replies.

  2. Great video Peter. Definitely looking good.

  3. It aint no uncharted…by any standards

    • It’s actually better than Uncharted in some areas.

      • Wow! That’s some statement to make!

        Is it that good?

      • It’s been exceedingly enjoyable up until now. I’ve played through enough to get a good handle on things and it’s lovely to see how Tomb Raider strives to be its very own game. Sure, you can see some game mechanics used that Naughty Dog implemented in the Uncharted franchise but they’re simply the better way to do something so it feels fine to see it in another franchise. However, Crystal Dynamics has managed to ad its own version of things here and there and even refine/add to certain familiar features.

        For me, though, it’s all about how it feels like the entire island is out to get her (metaphorically speaking, I hope). It’s a harsh wilderness and being a part of her learning to deal with this all – as well as a great crafting system which has the sort of depth you’d want in a game like this – means that the journey is both fascinating and rewarding.

        Stunning reboot so far.

      • I’ve been playing it for a while this evening, just to where the video is now but it’s taken me a few hours due to my usual lolling about. I’m enjoying it so far, definitely a grittier game than uncharted and as for the world being out to get her – those thorn bushes are pricks..

      • Everything bunimomike said and more ;)
        I’m especially loving the versatility of the bow and arrow combo as you progress and skill/power up with it…..every toolkit should have one! :P
        The game has been a masterpiece so far!

  4. really wanna get this.
    sooner rather than later hopefully.

    it’s looking very good.

    i really don’t like QTEs, have i mentioned that before?
    but i think i can endure them for this game.

    • There’s not that many after the opening.

  5. Watching this video has made the wait even more painful. Despite pre-ordering the collectors edition in January, Tesco Direct have managed to cock up my order and they hadn’t even despatched it when I rang up this morning. Problem is they are now out of stock and said it would be a 10 day wait…. suffice to say I got my £67 refund and will just buy the normal version in store this evening.

    • Damn straight! What a load of ol’ cock, they’ve been. Get the normal version sorted and enjoy the game. It’s a beauty.

  6. Well I completed the single player campaign last night and wow, what a fantastic journey of adventure. Absolutely streets ahead of the more recent Uncharted efforts in my view and much deserved congratulations for the awesome job that the devs have done with this remarkable reboot.
    Next task….Play it through again :P
    Simply stunning!

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