March’s PlayStation Plus Content Is Live

Are you a PlayStation Plus subscriber? Then get yourself over to the PSN Store and start filling up on this month’s content. The PS3 update for the, frankly astounding, subscription service is going up on the store as we speak – all you have to do is search for it.

This month you’ll be getting Mass Effect 3 and Dead or Alive 5 for everyone’s favourite price of “free.” If you happen to have loads of money sitting around gathering dust, you can justify these game’s inclusions in the Plus Instant Game Collection and pony up for any of the mountains of DLC available but both are perfectly enjoyable without the need to download any of the extras so definitely worth seeing how you enjoy the core games. You’ll also be receiving Joe Danger: The Movie (it’s a game, don’t worry) gratis, too.


Hopefully you’ve already grabbed Sleeping Dogs, Vanquish and Limbo though because that’s what’s coming down to make room for the new stuff.

Vita content isn’t changing over until next week so you still have time to grab WipEout 2048 for free before it’s replaced with Metal Gear Solid HD Collection next week. Lumines: Electronic Symphony will stick around in the Vita’s Instant Game Collection until March 20th when it’s replaced with Puddle.

I don’t wish to sound like I’m going on but Plus is really great, isn’t it?



  1. Some 30 day trials if you’ve not tried Plus before:


    • Credit card required!

      • You can use a debit card.

      • Yep & its only because they like it to be set up so that they can carry on the subscription after the trial, but don’t panic as if you remove the card details straight after activating it & then turn off automatic funding/rollover/whatever its called, it’ll just be the free month & then it will end.

      • why you would not carry it on blows my mind the service is amazing cost of 1 new game for a whole year.

      • I agree that its great value skib, but not to someone like me that tends to have everything (or most things) offered on plus.

        I have just been using free trials to pick up stuff i may have missed.

    • Thanks Al – As a heads up to everyone else, these codes have all now been redeemed (just tried them all).

      • Ignore this – It seems that i am being told that they are no longer in use or incorrect because i have already redeemed one in the past. These may still work if you haven’t used one before.

  2. PS+ is the best investment in gaming I have ever made.

  3. I would get ps plus if I had a bigger HDD. No room for anything new though sadly. I may have to get it if I get PS4 though, assuming it’s continued… It really does look great.

  4. Thankfully my HD can handle this little lot.

  5. PS+ is probably one of the greatest innovations of this generation. In fact, it might be THE greatest innovation. It’s almost completely turned the purchase and playing of games on it’s head for a certain proportion of the gaming community and is a model that would be lovely to see on BOTH of the next generation consoles.

  6. Here’s something interesting. I have PS+ but I also have a powerful PC (hence me playing Tomb Raider on it) and would rather buy Sleeping Dogs and play it looking top-to-toe in Sunday best (read: 1920 x 1200 with AA through the wazoo and everything set to High detail) than have it on the PS3, “free”.

    I’m no graphics whore but I do want my games to look their best and whilst the PC slam-dunks the current gen, it’s something I’m curious as to how Sony can stop this happening? I guess the only way would be to have shorter life-cycles for their consoles.

    • I think you’re probably a very small minority who prefers to pay rather get things free.


      • Ah, I’m happy to pay for something that’ll enhance the pleasure of a service. Ahem! :-P

      • does it really just looks better it is the same game.

      • Your no graphics whore??

        but you’ve just said all that!!


      • Ah, was waiting for someone to say that. My mate is a graphics whore. Two very powerful cards and never running anything under the highest of settings or he’s eyeing up his next hardware purchase!

        I love my graphics but they’re not the be-all and end-all. However, seeing as I have the set-up already it seems almost daft not to. If I’m going to give fifteen hours (let’s say) of my time to a game, why not have it looking its best. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t shell out a grand for this if I wasn’t in this position anyway. It’s just when you compare platforms. God knows PS4 will be forging a wonderful path when its released and I’ll be happy as hell to be choosing that platform over anything else if I think it’s the best I have here at home.

    • I don’t think this is even an issue to be honest. It costs too much to have a top of the range gaming PC especially when it will date the same as a console. I’d love one but bought a PS3 for £200 and don’t have £800 – £1000 for top PC to then need to spend £100’s more in 2-3 years to keep up with the top of the range graphics. I think there are too many people in this day and age without enough disposable income for Sony to worry about PC gaming.

      • It may well not be to be honest but I have a handful of friends who are in the same boat. All have PS3s and all have PCs that are under three years old which means with a decent graphics card, their first choice is usually the PC (over a console) when buying a game.

        My PC is for work too so it makes sense to have a decent spec (graphic design) but my friends (AG2297, nemesisND1derboy – both on TSA) are young adults (19, 20?) and have the choice too. Hell, something I wish I had when I was that age! :-)

        Anyway, just interesting to see how the hardware that doesn’t make your games look as nice is brushed to one side for game purchases… sometimes.

      • stonyk – thinking about it, I saved nearly a tenner on Tomb Raider (on the PC) over the console version. That’s a far more interesting topic as to why the console versions are so expensive compared.

      • mike, that extra tenner is Sony’s licensing fee – they don’t pay a licence fee to publish on PC (although Steam must take a cut?)

        But, software piracy is what keeps game prices high, right?

      • I have a cheap old laptop that does do games but nothing graphically impressive and with games so much more ridiculously cheaper on steam it’s full to the brim with games which is why I’d love a gaming PC – I just cannot justify spending £1000+ for what generally will give me improved graphics for the same games over my PS3 or old laptop.

        Not sure why games are cheaper on PC but to be fair I can’t see why anyone would ever pay full price for a console game. Perhaps the consoles hold more value generally because they can be sold on so hold a re-sale value that PC games just don’t? But that’s just a wild stab in the dark.

      • A fine point, fella. This is digitally delivered so I’m stuck with it! :-) However, I’m hoping they enforce that law that says we have to be able to sell our digital purchases too. I really hope that comes into effect.

        Skib – Thing is, the PC is already here. Tomb Raider is a visual feast of a game running with high settings, high resolution and other bells & whistles. It’s silly for me NOT to.

        CB – I think I might start a thread in the forum about all of this as I’d love to know how the money for a game divvies up for the publisher, studio, retail outlet (offline/online), etc.

    • I bought Skyrim on PC when it dropped in price a bit so I could play with the mods and the better looking-ness of it. I bought Tomb Raider on PC because it was cheaper, looks better and pre-loaded so I could start playing right away at midnight.

      • I rented Tomb Raider from lovefilm and got it on launch day, only a couple of quid to add games to a film subscription. Problem is I have to finish Dead Space 3 from lovefilm first

      • I’m the same. Re-bought some games on Wii U because they’re slightly better than the PS3/360 versions…

    • Its not about the graphics for me, Steam just makes downloading and installing games much more Stress-free. I have to wait so long for a 10-16gig game to install. It feels as if it takes hours. Its terrible and if I only had a PS3. It’ll be kinda annoying considering I can barely multi-task.

  7. I should really sign back up to Plus. Wonderful freebies this month.

  8. I’ll add ME3 to my download list although i really want to pick up ME1 and play that first.
    Excellent content again though, my only complaint is that i don’t have time to get through all of it!

    • Yeah, I’m in the same boat but I’ll load up ME3 and make a save file so I get the extra suit in Dead Space 3.

  9. I wish I’d signed up to ps+ and installed a new hard drive when it was first launched, I’m using an original 60gb with zero space that I’ve not replaced because I’d always put it off thinking ps4 was just round the corner….. Now it really is, and ps+ is still useless to me without a bigger hdd.

    It is a great service though and I hope the same features are carried over to ps4.

  10. Awesome, already downloaded doa5.

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