Epic Reaper Multiplayer Character Revealed For Gears Of War: Judgment

Epic Games has announced a new character for the Gears Of War: Judgment multiplayer called the Epic Reaper. While character reveals are generally just a passing bit of news, this is a bit different with regards to how the character will actually be accessible.

The Epic Reaper won’t be a character you can unlock to play. Instead, Epic Games will decide who will be allowed access to the character, depending on a player’s activity, skill and contribution to the Judgment multiplayer. Only one person per week will be chosen to take control of the Reaper.


The character will have special abilities and movement capabilities, though what those skills are haven’t been detailed.

I think it is an interesting approach to multiplayer, adding a new layer of competitiveness to prove who can be the best at the game. The Reaper may also add a new layer to the gameplay adding an unknown variable. Again it isn’t made clear if the Reaper will only target a certain team or if it will be able to attack any player.

Gears Of War Judgment is out next week. You can expect our review on Tuesday.

Source: Epic Games



  1. I actually think that is a great idea. competetive, free, and ultra bragging rights for those that get it.

    Maybe they should add a superpowered character for whoever is worst at the game each week too?

  2. Provided kills as a reaper isn’t an achievement, then it should be ok. Doubtless there will be some not fortunate enough to get selected.

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