News Snatch: Disney Infinity Delayed, Lone Survivor Hits PS Vita And Some Smutty Eskimos

I say!

Now I don’t work for ONM I can finally share this screenshot I took in 2008 that was (rightly) deemed unacceptable” tweets Chris Scullion.


The release date for Disney Infinity has moved from June to August 20th at the request of retailers.

“The date became an issue in terms of them asking, ‘Is there a better opportunity here?'” explained Disney’s John Pleasants. “We could deliver in June if we wanted to. Will a two-month timing change help us? Sure, of course. It gives us a little more time to add bells and whistles and make sure it really sings and pops.”

The PlayStation Vita has picked up yet another indie game in the shape of Lone Survivor. The game is described as “a psychological-survival-adventure, where the choice of how to survive is up to you. It’s the last record of our nameless, masked protagonist, holed-up in a city full of diseased monsters, starving and exhausted.”

The game will also be available on PlayStation 3 and both versions have been enhanced with Trophies, Cross-Buy and Cross-Play support, 19 new items, new dialogue with all NPCs, two extensive new side quests and a brand new ‘Yellow’ ending, featuring an exclusive piece of music.

A beta for the PlayStation 3 version of Defiance will start next Tuesday, anyone who pre-orders will get an invite and those who have already signed up and tested the PC version may also get a chance to shoot aliens in the face.

The MMO launches on April 2nd and ties in with a TV show of the same name.

Well whodathunkit, the PS Vita has outsold the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, selling 63,581 units compared to 61,008 for the 3DS. This may have something to do with Soul Sacrifice being released which also tops the charts by selling 114,446 units in the first week.

If you are one of the very silly people who are signing up to become ‘beta testers’ for the Next Xbox via a page on Facebook or elsewhere (and quite a few have judging by my feed) then give yourself a damned good slap.

“Confirmed: All sign-up pages for testing the “next Xbox” are FAKE. Do not give them your information – it’s a scam,” tweeted Major Nelson.

And finally, another trailer for Bioshock Infinite.

What a horrendously dull day let’s hope for something a bit more exciting tomorrow. If nothing happens I may have to dig out the diving suit with with bottom cut out, force new boy Dom to wear it and the unleash the rampant Wildebeest.



  1. Well done Soul sacrifice and nice one Vita as for facebookgate i was reading a few tweets yesterday and it appears shed loads of people have signed up.
    *egg fu young.

  2. Am I missing something? What the hell is that screenshot at the top from?

    • Eskimo Sucky Suck Party: Soul Banzai Extreme

    • Looks like Ice CLimbers but where does the third climber come from?

  3. I am so, so happy for the Vita. It’s a lovely bit of kit but the price was simply too expensive for many – as we’re seeing.

    I hope that it becomes quite the success as the price continues to drop across all regions.

    • I hope they get around to announcing whatever these other games are that we’re supposedly going to see this year.

      I can think of only 5 or 6 games and only half of them are Vita specific and it’s been pretty quite since the start of the year.

      These decent sales numbers won’t last for long unless they do something. E3 is too late, it’s right before the dry period of releases.

  4. Beta Testers for next xbox LMFAO!!!!

  5. I saw some ps4 tester pages too. It’s so blatantly fake…

    Lone Survivor might be good though. I’ll have to check it out.

    • Yeah & normally sane people signing up saying ‘it can’t hurt can it?’ Oh dear!

  6. Erm, I really had better hope for a busier news today tomorrow hadn’t I?

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