EA Announces A Free PC Game For Everyone Who Has Activated SimCity

SimCity will go down in gaming history as one of this period’s worst PR disasters with backlash against constant connection requirement. I already discussed why such a feature was a bad idea and how it could be changed. The company has announced that everyone who purchased and activated SimCity will receive a free game from Origin.

The full list includes Dead Space 3, Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Bejeweled 3, Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012, Medal Of Honor Warfighter, Plants vs Zombies, or SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition.


The timetable to get the free game is as follows. Instructions on how to choose your game will be sent by March 22nd. You must activate your copy of SimCity by March 25th, and you have to choose your selected title by March 30th. If you miss that date then you miss out on the free game.

You have to give EA some kudos for giving away a free game to potentially millions of customers, including some very recent releases, which will mean a loss of potential revenue. However this still doesn’t address the situation that led to this measure having to be taken in the first place, namely the server issue.

One step at a time though, I suppose.

Source: EA



  1. Look at them trying to cover up the cracks by shoving games in them.

  2. Oooh. Sweet. Get to really test out my new rig!

  3. its cool that they’re giving away Dead Space 3 considering its rather new.

    • I’m feeling very cynical, I think it’s a ploy to get people to shell out on microtransactions and DLC, which some may feel more comfortable doing since they got a game for free.

      • There is zero need to use money on microtransactions in Dead Space 3, even without the use of “exploits”, so I doubt the income they will get from those microtransactions will be higher then the “loss” for giving away Dead Space 3. Sure somebody might buy the story DLC, but that’s hardly what’s gonna save EA’s stocks.

      • Yeah fair enough, ill turn the pointless cynicism down a bit :)

  4. Good move EA. No covering up of cracks here as far as I’m concerned. Just an apology and peace offering. Hopefully this whole experience will put them off incorporating suchhorrible DRM in future.

  5. And then all the fickle gamers suddenly love EA.

    Well done EA for coming back with something for your customers, but in all honesty, I still wouldn’t be happy with their stance on DRM.

  6. abit of a short window for claiming it. But some of those are really good.

  7. Yeah,,, have been enjoying Sim City so basically getting a free game, delighted!

    BF3 PC get!

  8. Anybody think it’s a strange move to offer SimCity 4 as one of the games?

    ‘Hey, you guys who are moaning about the new SimCity, we don’t think you’ve got enough ammunition to set the internet alight with your complaining so please look at the well-loved and infinitely superior prequel and don’t forget to tell us how much better it was than the current mess you’ve paid full whack for’.

  9. I’ve played a lot of SimCity and, while I’m sure there was a misguided element of DRM in the fact that it’s constantly online, the requirement for a connection is far less to do with DRM than it is to do with some questionable design decisions by Maxis. I wouldn’t be too concerned about EA including this form of DRM in any future games that don’t already have this requirement written into the way the developers intend them to be played.

    In spite of that questionable design path (with regards to what I wanted from a SimCity game) I’m still very much enjoying it and there are a couple of these free games that I’m quite glad to have the opportunity to pick from.

    • I love SimCity and wish my PC rig was up to the task of playing the latest one. None of the previous SimCity’s were perfect, and I’m keen to see what all of the fuss is about, and the DRM, whilst surely annoying, wouldn’t put me off.

      • I’m sure you can play it, with lighting on minimum it’s really light. Put it up to “low” however, and watch framerates plummet.

  10. “You must activate your copy of SimCity by March 25th” – Does that mean that if I were to buy a copy today and activate it before that date, I too could get a free game?

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