EA’s Peter Moore Criticises Kotaku In Wake Of Riccitiello Resignation

You might remember Peter Moore. He’s EA’s COO and one of the names in the ring to replace freshly resigned John Riccitiello. He’s got a Halo 2 tattoo. A couple of weeks ago, he called VideoGamer.com out for “shoddy website journalism” when they broke a story about Dead Space 4’s cancellation that EA has since refuted. Well, Mr Moore is complaining about games media again. This time, it’s Kotaku on the receiving end of his ire.

They posted up a story yesterday, in the wake of John Riccitiello’s departure as head honcho of EA, that was entitled “The Best John Riccitiello Jokes on Twitter.” This post, as you can imagine (or read, if you click the link) pasted in some of the hilarity that Twitter’s bedroom comedians (at least the ones Kotaku’s writers follow) were firing up as fast as their little brains could whir. It was meant in good humour, I’m sure, but possibly in poor taste for everyone close to the issue.


Peter Moore took to Facebook to air his grievances with the Kotaku story, accusing them of “self-smugness”. Now, there’s lots that you could accuse Kotaku of and “self-smugness” doesn’t immediately jump out as the worst of those possible accusations but hey, I’m sure there will be plenty of people just glad to have another outburst to mock when they’re making jokes about EA. Kotaku are probably quite smug about the extra attention they’re now getting because of it so everyone’s a winner. Except possibly Peter Moore and EA.

Moore also used his Facebook post to praise the work done by Riccitiello in the industry, saying that it was a “sad loss for all… who had the pleasure of working with him as we emerged from The Burning Platform.” The latter half of that quote, presumably alludes to the changing business models within the industry and EA’s leading position in that movement.

Moore’s Facebook comment was replied to by Mike Capps, formerly of Epic Games, who said “Indeed. I doubt we can shout louder than the misinformed, but it’s still worth speaking up!” It was also responded to by former IGN editor, Hilary Goldstein who quoted the Bible “Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words,” before adding, with an apparent awareness of the irony “And yes, I am aware I ran IGN once.”

Riccitiello himself simply responded with “Thanks all.”

Source: GI.biz



  1. Does EA have a PR department or have they just got a recently brand new policy of let Peter talk and hope that he doesn’t destroy our reputation? As their PR seems to be okay with letting Moore attack sites. Ironically, they will be smug because he has given them some attention thus more traffic for their site.

    I’m guessing that the planned roast of Ric has been cancelled due to Peter(our one) not wanting to annoy Moore. :P

    I really hope he won’t become CEO as i can see him refusing to let several sites get review copies and claim that any sites that have given a game a low score are biased. :S

  2. He’d doing a fine job of making everyone think he’s a massive tit. I think we have found a replacement for Bob Kotick..

    • Every generation needs one and it seems the Mr Moore has announced his arrival a little prematurely ;-)

    • Bobby has been very quiet of late. Tuffcub, did you kidnap him and torture him in your cave? :O

      • Activision got a new head of something or other, and the first thing it seems he did was tell Kotick to shut up and not make anymore comments.

  3. I wonder if anyone has any sort of power in this farce of a company EA. Someone should tell these people to keep it shut because the amount of bad feeling about them is increase by the minute.

  4. Self-smugness? Can you ever be smug on someone else’s behalf?

    • Very good Mosh:).

    • Wow… I just thought about that for a second and the idea seems hilarious.

  5. This is unbelievable! Why don’t EA keep their mouths shut FFS! They just make it so much worse for themselves.

  6. Proper good circle jerk there.Good on the esteemed (ex)Ign editor for finishing off all concerned.

  7. He’s just defending his collegue, I see nothing wrong with that. Some of the tweets were pretty funny, and if it’s ok to make fun of someone, then surely it’s ok to defend that person too?

    • You’re right of course Gazz but that doesn’t make it look any less weak.Humility would’ve been a better option but then if that’d been their chosen course i doubt the jokes would’ve come so thick and fast anyway.

      • True, perhaps accusing Kotaku of “self-smugness” isn’t the best way to defend his collegue, but everyone just seems to be jumping on the bandwagon against EA with everything do.

  8. Someone should remind him those people he & his cohorts like calling fools, misinformed etc.. are the people who pay his wages.

  9. if he really does have as thin a skin as his retaliations to any kind of press, that does less than praise him or ea, make it seem, then he should probably get out of the public eye, and maybe hide in a cave or something.

  10. Why would anyone feel sorry for these clowns?, piss off ricicicitelly or whatever your name is and take your micro transactions and creepy face with you!

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