Supergiant Games Announce “Transistor”

Bastion was one of my favourite games that has released this gen. I thought the whole thing just went together so well, and I’m glad to see that Supergiant Games, the devs behind Bastion, have been hard at work on new a new title called Transistor.


Transistor is a Sci Fi RPG set in a city called Cloudbank and is about a woman who is the target of an unknown group. This same group is targeting influential citizens of Cloudbank. Supergiant have stated that Transistor will release at some point in 2014, but haven’t decided on what platforms the game will yet release on.

Source: Supergiant Games.



  1. Hugely excited by this- Bastion was amazing and easily one of my favourites this generation too.

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous. If this is even half as good as Bastion then it would still be amazing. Definitely going to get this.

  3. Hold on. Is that a female lead?

  4. Looks great and Bastion-esque. I adored that game.

  5. Hopefully one day they will port Bastion to the PSN. Transistor looks like Bastion with a new skin, that ain’t no bad thing at all!

  6. This would be beautiful on Vita.

  7. Day one purchase if it comes out on a platform I own! Bastion was one of the best games of the past few years and this looks great already. Did someone say Sci-fi RPG? :D

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