Limbo Heading To PlayStation Vita

Stuck in limbo.

PlayDead’s indie hit Limbo is heading to PlayStation Vita. The game originally released on Xbox Live in 2010 but eventually made its way to PlayStation Network and Steam. Limbo boasts a score of 90 on Metacritic, and also scored highly in our review.

Sony are fulfilling their promise of 100 Vita games this year, with TellTale’s The Walking Dead only recently announced for the handheld as well. Hopefully we can see more games like Limbo crossing the bridge to the Vita.

No word on a release date as of yet.

Source: IGN


  1. Cool, but I also hope that this current trend of already released games doesn’t continue and make up most of that promised 100, like the Wii U.

    • Spot on. Chuffed to bits but equally, I want to see targeted IP for the Vita that embraces mobile gaming and is hopefully something all other mobile platforms could be jealous of.

      • I would like to see some killer new IPs too, but i’m also happy to see conversions of great games that i know i would enjoy playing again.
        If the likes of Half Life 2 or Mass Effect 2 were ported for Vita … now that would make for Vita Nirvana in my book! :)

  2. Maybe so, but if I had money for a Vita, I’d get it. Much rather some slightly older games that are good than crap new ones. Hell, wouldn’t mind a vita for all the games on plus! :)

  3. keep them coming Vita is getting a nice stash of games.

  4. Got a really weird sense of deja vu when I read this. Not being funny but didn’t we know this weeks ago?

    • Just searched TSA and there’s been nothing on it. One of those days eh? :P

      • Did the same. Couldn’t see any earlier reference to this.

      • This is really strange. When I read this, I had a complete sense that I already had this knowledge. Hm, this also happened to me when reading someone’s tweet the other day, like I’d read it before the previous night, word for word.

      • May I also add that TSA is the only site I use for my gaming news. If it wasn’t on here, I didn’t know it!

    • I felt the same about the PAX reveal for Contrast, but it turns out I did see it advertised a few years a ago. So I guess it’s just your brain playing tricks on you this time :)
      Or maybe the amount of ports being announced lately has something to do with it. At that, am I the only one who loves games being ported to handhelds? Fingers crossed for XCOM.

  5. I hope that it will be free for anyone who already owns it on PS3. Never did get round to finishing it.

  6. Any word if players will need to buy the game again if they’ve already purchased the PS3 version?

  7. Great game and if I hadn’t already completed it on the PS3 I’d get it.

  8. That’s cool, it’s a deadly little slice of puzzle/platforming. Not sure if i would buy a second version as it’s a fairly short game, maybe at the right price though.

  9. Nice. Now all I need is a release of Joe Danger/2 on Vita and I’ll be a very happy chappy.

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