GAME To Sell Ouya Console, Pre-Orders Open

UK retailer GAME is to sell the Android-powered Ouya console, with pre-orders open now.


The console will retail at £99, with an additional controller running at £39.99.

Ouya will offer a free trial of every single game on the marketplace, which is a neat idea. Square Enix, NAMCO, Tripwire and Adam Saltsman, creator of Canabalt, are lined up to provide games.

Ouya’s Kickstarter raised $8,596,474, despite a goal of just $950,000.

Click here to pre-order. The console is expected in June.



  1. Good price. Can see it really taking off if the games library is decent. Why buy a £400 console for the little-uns if you can get one for £100?

    • PS3 is £140 (and you get free PS+ with that)

      Xbox 360 130

      Ouya £100

      So.. er.. no. Ouya will fail. This is my prediction and I am always right. Yes I am.

      • Fail to see it really capture a market as well, but stranger things have happened. As things stand I see zero appeal in it.

      • Indeed you are TC (apart from your comments on The Walking Dead game of course). The big difference between Ouya and the others may well be the cost of games though. If they target the cheap end (ie similar prices to mobile game pricing with everyone’s favourite, “in-game microtransactions”) they may do ok.

        I’m not buying one though cos Tuffcub told me not to.

      • Good lad :)

      • Ouya + its games is not too bad an option as it is, never mind the other possibilities of the system. OnLive is in there along with all the usual TV streaming services

        And don’t forget emulators of everything from Gameboy & NES to SNES & N64, Master System & Megadrive through to PC engine & PS1.

        Then with things like XBMC & Plex built in, the Ouya becomes a whole Home Theatre PC, which can be viewed as phenomenal value.

        Those two services also have AirPlay compatibility for people who have their pics, movies & music on iOS/iTunes and don’t have an AppleTV

        It all adds up to a great option to have under the TV

        The only problem is the pricing.
        $99 = £65
        £65 + 20% VAT = £79… not £99

        The pricing needs to be right for it to grow any momentum, hopefully as other retailers pick it up it reflects its real price of circa £79 better.

        With games like
        Sonic 4 Ep2, NfS:MW, Dead Trigger available for free or nearly free along with the media centre benefits, at the right price I think it’s a no brainer.

      • I’m getting one..but then again, i am a cunt.

      • “The only problem is the pricing.
        $99 = £65
        £65 + 20% VAT = £79… not £99”

        I always have to assume that people who always bring up the exchange rate issue a) have no understanding about how things cost differently in diffrent countrys and b) certainly have never been to America!

        As someone who goes to America on a yearly basis I could list hell of alot of things that are alot cheaper… beer petrol cigarettes food clothes taxis living…even tax is cheaper!

        such a boring comment to read $$=££


        As for ouya, nah thanks great concept like the idea but not for me!

      • “Then with things like XBMC & Plex built in, the Ouya becomes a whole Home Theatre PC, which can be viewed as phenomenal value.”

        Rasberry pi or an Acer nettop??

      • CC star shagged your mrs or something?

      • What great input.

      • It’s about the same quailty as your comment saying that CCstar’s comment was boring. Also, i didn’t know that CC star slept with mothers of TSA members. :O

      • Blimey can’t say anything against any of the cool crew on here without the gang turning up.

      • Was looking at a review on this machine and even though they said it was quite well built the games were the main problem or lack of them.

    • Can’t see any problem with having both if you like both.

      • Agreed. Don’t really know where this hate is coming from.

      • To be fair, I don’t think it’s really “hate” as such. I can usually be very objective about things and there’s plenty of cynicism about where the Ouya will fit into the video games industry let alone gather enough traction to have decent-sized franchises on it and make it a viable alternative to the other consoles.

        If it’s not trying to do that then it has to carve out its own niche and that’s going to be pretty tricky. Not impossible but they have their work cut out. Most people here can see it too but that doesn’t stop us from hoping it succeeds regardless. Competition is healthy after all.


  2. Might pre-order myself one, I’m really looking forward to seeing what people can do with this.

  3. The first gen of this will sell OK. But after that I think it will fail with confusion over annual upgrades. Also how poor games will be for it. If it sells well 2nd gen and has decent games I’ll still wait til 3rd gen. I’m more interested in Ps4 atm.

    • I wonder what the lifespan of the console will be?

      • what’s the lifespan of a phone or tablet? You need to upgrade them every couple of years to keep up with their gaming capability..

        Stick it on eBay & grab the next model every year, every other year, or whatever – job done.

      • Well their doing annual updates to hardware. So 12 months-ish.

      • Much like phones & tablets there isn’t the need to grab every iteration… Every other iteration should serve you fine.

      • they’ve already announced its going to be a yearly console.

        on the note of phones and tablets.

        I still use my ipad1 never needed to upgrade it! and mobile phones don’t really need to be upgraded every 12 months realistically! unless you need the latest iPhone for that added feature that doesn’t really exist.

        as for this console I have a feeling after 12 months you “will need to” upgrade for some mediocre upgrade/new feature. “this game only works on ouya 2/3 etc”

  4. Wait…what??!!??. He/she was a girl. Fuck me, I thought he/she was a guy. 8D

  5. I don’t get this console. At 1080p (sucking away the hardware) it will be pushing out games with little difference from Vita/tablet games unless that tegra is conjuring over 2ghz. That’s roughly the amount of power it would take to produce a 1080p game that looks better than a handheld game.

    • Being plugged into the main means it’s a high rated Tegra 3, running faster than that chip does in phones. It’s also a higher spec than the Tegra 3 in phones/tablets. Sure it ain’t 2ghz though, but this isn’t going to be doing anything that tablet games aren’t.

      I know it runs all your ripped/downloaded/purchased movies/tv shows at 1080p just fine via its XBMC or Plex ‘apps’.

  6. Personally, I think they’re launching it at the wrong time. As TC pointed out, the prices of PS3’s and Xbox’s make it sound very expensive for what it is. And I can’t really see a massive market for it either.

  7. it is not a console it is a chap android phone in a box my mobile has more ram.

    • cheap lol

    • The selling point is that you can play those cheap android games on a big TV in your living room, although I too don’t really see the point in it that much.

      • I’m under the impression you have to repurchase all the games you’ve already bought on instore and google play.

        and it’s going to be limited…. so no GTA 10th anniversary mobile versions in HD and 1080p on your 51inch tv.

        just more angry birds and in app purchases.

  8. I’m interested but i’ll wait and see what sort of content and potential it has first.

  9. If you are getting this ,maybe worth keeping an eye on the humble bundle android sales, stock up on some cheap indie title for when you get it

  10. To be fair the UK price is ridiculous. The US price however is quite acceptable for what it possibly can do. Never underestimate the Android dev community. Emulators and XBMC alone will give me my money’s worth out of this little box.

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