SimCity Out On Mac In June

The Mac version of SimCity will be releasing on the 11th June. If you’re already an owner of the PC version you’ll get the Mac version for free, via a digital download on Origin.


Cross-play between the versions is possible, and you can also play cities created in the PC build on the Mac version. Assuming, of course, that the servers hold up.

SimCity didn’t get a lot of praise here at TSA, with its – if I may say – shambolic release leading to Aran expressing his views on single player servers. Let’s hope the Mac release goes as planned.



  1. cross play with pc?
    the pc version couldn’t even do that at launch. ^_^

  2. If EA have any sense they will take away the need for always online. I’m on Mac and was looking forward to this when it eventually released, but if they don’t change it (which I realise is unlikely) I won’t be getting it.

  3. ha ha, good luck to anyone that buys that for Mac. As a fan of mac and old Simcity games, i was tempted, but not after the shambolic release for PC. EA need to sort out their house before they get more custom from me.

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