WeView Verdict: Hitman: Absolution

Well clearly I timed this WeView well. The day after selecting Hitman: Absolution as last week’s WeView title, it was announced as May’s PS Plus title. Although I expect most people who have Plus will pick the title up anyway, hopefully this WeView should give you some guidance on whether or not it’s worth paying attention to.

Hitman: Absolution

And he was just one day away from retirement

Interestingly, there was a fairly significant number of people who mentioned that this was their first Hitman title; obviously it did a good job at drawing in new fans. jimmy-google was amongst those trying their hand at controlling Agent 47 for the first time, and he thoroughly enjoyed his time with it, saying that “Alongside Max Payne 3 this is easily one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played over the last couple of years.”

One of the reasons he enjoyed it so much was the “feeling you can tackle most areas which ever way you want,” something that’s key to the series. He also said he’d be very interested in a sequel, so hopefully IO and Square Enix are listening.

Youles was also making their first foray into the Hitman series, and it seems they enjoyed it just as much as jimmy-google. While they did feel that “The characters are rather cheesey,” overall they were full of praise for the game. Much like jimmy-google they pulled out the game’s level design as being very good, saying that “The levels were varied, in design, location and length which always keeps it interesting, and the amount of NPCs in some locations was very impressive.”

Of course there were some of you who weren’t fresh to the series, and Eldave0 was amongst them. They were much less impressed with the title, feeling it was “Probably my least favourite of the series,” feeling no love for the “cack-handed checkpoint system and constant focus on the terrible narrative.” However, they did feel that “the game is still a lot of fun and the “play it your way” style of gameplay is great as always,” so at least they found something to like about it.

sabbat7001 is another fan of the series, and, initially, they weren’t quite as in love with the game as they thought they’d be. Having sunk “over 150 hours” into Hitman: Blood Money, they were somewhat dismayed to find that Absolution didn’t really draw them back in the same way once the story was concluded. However, when they returned to the game two months later they found they were “totally hooked again.” Even after gaining the game’s Platinum, the Contracts mode keeps them coming back for more, enjoying the “countless more options outside the main story” it gives players.

For a final thought this week, I turn to cam_manutd. While they did write a rather long, well thought out comment on the game, it’s their first two sentences that caught my eye:

What is exactly Squeenix putting in the water? Sleeping Dogs, Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and now Hitman.

I completely agree. Whatever Squeenix are doing, they just need to keep on doing it.

Now we move onto this week’s verdict. While longer term fans of the series weren’t quite so keen on Absolution, Rent It and Bargain Bin It only picked up four votes between them, one and three votes respectively, while Avoid It wasn’t selected by anyone. The remaining twelve votes went to Buy It, suggesting that the game really is worth looking at when it arrives on PlayStation Plus next month.

We round things out with this week’s poll. We’ll be looking at DmC: Devil May Cry tomorrow, so that’s replaced by Level 5 and Studio Ghibli collaboration Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Last place on last week’s poll was a two-way tie, so MLB 12: The Show, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword all retain their places. As always, you’ve got until the end of Sunday to get your votes in.


  1. Looking fw to downing this.

  2. I borrowed this from a friend, single player only of course, and found it incredibkly frustrating, but that was more my own fault than the game itself. I was obssessed with doing the right way and not making a pigs ear of every level but I found that almost impossible to do.
    Rightly so, you don’t get marks for just running in guns blazing but it seemed so easy for a mission to descend into that, that it just frustrated me, having to “pause -restart” every 5 minute.
    Like I say, I obviously blame this on my own lowly skill level and not the developers, its most definitely a good game

  3. What did they put in the water?

    Eidos is the answer.

    • Also a huge LAUGH OUT LOUD at the guy in the initial WeView post who claimed that everybody in the comments section who praised the game was paid by IO Interactive.

      It’s hilarious how silly some people are.

      • I was thinking the same thing. After my “Buy It” rating I’m eagerly awaiting my cheque in the mail because I’m obviously being paid off.

      • I guess the guys tin hat was feeling a bit punchy at the time. He’d had enough of commenting on ‘9/11 was an inside job’ and ‘Why the moon landing was fake’ videos and decided to turn his glare of rage over towards here. Cute.

  4. This too will be my first Hitman game, thanks to Plus :)

  5. Just bought the hitman trilogy HD pack on psn and downloading as i type . Think you need another vote type Plus It Which i will be doing on the 1st of may.

    Ended up spending more than intended crysis1 hitman hd trilogy ,metal slug1&2 ,RBS:vegas2 and dues ex HR complete edition ……..33gbs worth of gaming BT are going to hate me .

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