Respawn Trademarks “Titan” – Blizzard’s Codename

Respawn Entertainment, the developer that formed after the split between Activision’s Infinity Ward studio and its founders, has registered a trademark. The mark, for “Video and computer game programs; video games discs; video game software” is for the word “Titan” which many of you might associate with something else.

Blizzard, a studio still very much tied to Activision, has been working on a project for some time now. That project’s codename? Titan.

Respawn’s game is thought to be a first person shooter and naming it Titan conjures sci-fi images for me. We should know more soon, if not at the much-rumoured Next Xbox reveal next month then surely at E3 in June.

Blizzard’s Titan is only a working title for their MMO project, uncovered via leaks in 2010 but given that there are already fan sites for the unreleased game which play on that name, it’s likely to cause some confusion among those who are embedded deep in the world of pre-release videogame news.

via NeoGAF


  1. ok, that’s gonna ease tensions between those two parties. >_>

    mind you, if Blizz wanted their game to actually be called Titan, they should have trademarked it first.

    but still, it does almost seem like they’re baiting them.

  2. “naming it Titan conjures sci-fi images for me” well we were told back at E3 in 2011 it was a sci-fi shooter…

    • oh, were we? I wondered why I was thinking of it as a sci-fi shooter and couldn’t find any firm evidence that it had been openly discussed at all (but I was in a rush…)

      • Easily forgotten, it was nearly 2 years ago and all we’ve seen or heard of it since is a couple of blurred pictures!

  3. Well, I guess Respawn legally called dibs on that name. I don’t think Blizzard wanted to call the game Titan anyways, otherwise they would have trademarked it earlier themselves.

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