Bethesda Likely To Reveal Tango’s “Zwei” Today

If you don’t know who Shinji Mikami is, you should.

He was the mind behind Resident Evil, and contributed to the likes of Devil May Cry, Vanquish and Viewtiful Joe. He now owns Tango Gameworks, owned by Bethesda’s parent company.


Bethesda, you’ll probably be aware, have been teasing something all week, via the magic of Vine, with a big reveal locked for gaming giant IGN later today.

That reveal might have been spoiled slightly though, with one high profile Italian site pointing to a Mikami reveal and the rather massive Jeux Video doing the same.

The game is likely to be Zwei, an oft-teased third person, current-gen Unreal Engine powered co-op survival horror game, some consolidated information on which can be found here.


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  1. This could turn out to be very interesting. I haven’t been interested in a horror game since Dead Space 1.

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