Community Chronicle: 21/04/13

As I type this one handed, I’m eating a banana. It’s also nice and sunny outside, which the birds seem to be enjoying given how damned loud they are tweeting. I do mean literally tweeting, not just “yelling” silly sentiments at their internet friends.

Can you tell that I’m bored because I’m waiting for Mike to show up, so we can finish Sniper Elite V2? He said he’d be five minutes… It’s easily been seven, the unpunctual plank. It might not sound like much, but that’s a whopping 40% increase!

Oh, here he is.

All is forgiven.

Upon threat of me just posting photos of ice cream, R1MJAW has stepped up to the plate to share where he collects millions and billions of trophies, platinums and fastest platinums:

This main view shows my 32″ TV, 80Gb phat PS3 to the right, and if you look closely, my Wii hiding down at the bottom. Underneath the TV is a Freeview HD box with a 1Tb HDD attached to it, on top of which sits my 3DS. My Vita sits on top of the pile of PS3 games to the left (which is my current ‘to play/already playing’ pile).

The second picture is most of my PS3 collection, there are a few games missing (about 6 or so) as they are currently out on loan to friends, and the third picture is my DS/3DS and Vita collection… obviously I have more Vita games but they are digital so there’s not really an easy way to show them.

I do also have a Gamecube and a phat PS2 (along with a small collection of games for each) but I couldn’t be arsed to dig them out of the cupboard because I’m a lazy sod.

If you’d like to share your gaming set up, please use the submission form below, get in touch with me on Twitter at @teflon, or just send an email out of the blue to [email protected] If you do the latter, don’t forget to chuck your TSA ID in there, so I know who you are!

You lot have been really busy this past week! So, I’ll get my own stuff out the way first, where bunimomike and I finished off a quick co-op run through of Sniper Elite V2, as alluded to in the intro to this piece. It has to be said that we really did enjoy it, and it was rather pleasing on the eye, letting us ramp up those graphical whizz-bangeries to the max. Shame the Kill Hitler DLC isn’t co-op!

Similarly friendly gameplay was seen with Youles and MadJunkBoy polishing off Dead Space 3 in co-op, with MJB also finishing off Jak 3 since last I looked, whilst Eldave0 dug out his Gamecube for an evening of Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Timesplitters 2. Goldeneye on the N64 got a little loving too, and it sounds like he’s aching for a Dreamcast party as soon as his replacement arrives in the post!

Element666 managed to head back into the world of BioShock Infinite, after he got stuck a while back, and pushed through to the end. There is hope for those others out there who got stuck at a similar point, then! Speaking of Infinite, Germ1984 has laid his claim to the fastest platinum record for this one, and speaking of BioShock, Germanos finished a run through of BioShock 2’s single player, alongside finishing Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack with 100% of the trophies, Assassin’s Creed 2 and Borderlands platinums.

Two Face would be proud of you all, as the number two seems to feature quite heavily in what everyone’s doing. Wolf-OF-Chaos hit level 22 on PSN, whilst Taylor Made completed Trine 2, Far Cry 3 (the second post-Crytek Far Cry) and Sly 4 (2×2 or 2+2 (to give two routes of getting to 4)) on his way to 22 platinums.

B_Cambo’s stealthy murdering brought him the Hitman 2: Silent Assassin platinum, to finish off his trilogy of platinums, and also took the shiniest of trophies home for Assassin’s Creed 3. His second game of three, Crysis 3, sees him claiming the fastest platinum for that particular title.

Crazy_Del earned himself two Ratchet & Clank platinums, with A Crack in Time and All 4 One, whilst he’s heading straight on to Q-Force. He also polished off the Dead of Alive 5 platinum, after a mere 140 hours. The polar opposite to R1MJAW, who did a speed run of Gucamelee in just 2 hours and 19 minutes! This put him at 19th in the world, alongside his fastest platinum claim from last week, which rolled in just after I’d stopped collating all the data.

Klart completed his shuffling walk through The Walking Dead, for an easy platinum, and BlackRedYellow reached level 25 on PSN with LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean, coincidentally his first of 2013.
Then there’s Ron_mcphatty, who sounds like he might be aiming for the platinum from Metal Gear Solid 4, after completing his run through of the series, and starting on a Big Boss Emblem Run.

Finally, MistaPita would like a little help from other interested parties in finishing White Knight Chronicles, after the news that the servers go offline soon. If you’d like to give him a hand, head over here and put your name down.

That’s almost your lot, but you can head over to page two for the fastest platinums board. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments. Don’t hold back!

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  1. Nice set up! Always like to see an alphabetical ordered game pile!

    • Yes. I was happy to see it in alphabetical order. Nice collection.

      • Cheers guys, yeah I like to keep things in order.

      • I photographed mine in alphabetical order just for you berzerka (after I noticed your comments last week), so you should approve next week! ;)

        Nice to see where all your gaming happens R1M….nice setup! I also have one of those mushroom tins – they’re ace! I have the 1up one, obviously!

        @Tef….good to see you’re enjoying V2, I think it’s a very underrated game and really enjoyed my co-op sessions with freezebug2. There’s a new version coming out on PS3 with all the DLCs….probably in conjunction with the free console Multiplayer patch that the devs funded.

      • Indeed, the mushroom tins are awesome. I think I got the standard red one first, then I found out that there was also the green and blue versions so I had to go out and get them.

      • But do you have the invincibility Star tin as well? ;)

      • Unfortunately not, I do have a NES controller shaped tin though. There are a few other gaming related tins I want too, like the pacman ghosts.

      • They sound cool! I have a Wii Controller Pez dispenser…I’m a sucker for stuff like that!

      • LOL, I have one of those too.

      • Whoop. Cheers Youles. Sometimes I have a most played order and various others too.

  2. Nice set up!

    Wow that was a lot of 2’s in a short paragraph lol

  3. Nice touch with HAL as background!

    • I do have a selection that I swap between every now and again but that is one of my favourites.

  4. Nice set up R1M and a good collection, although I thought you’d have a library dept. full of shelved games, similar to Del or Simon’s warehouses. ;)
    Lot’s of people with trophy accolades last week, well done gatherers!

    • The collection has shrunk slightly, I traded in about 20 games just before Christmas mainly because I’m running out of space to put them.

  5. nice setup R1MJAW! looks really tidy! love it! =D

  6. how do you get the ps3 to float like that???
    if you quickly look at picture one it looks like the ps3 is floating lol…
    its nice to see that someone has the same obsessive disorder as me..
    i do love alphabetisizing things*if there is such a word*

    • My games are actually split up into 3 separate piles (each one in alphabetical order), current/unplayed, finished (but may go back to) and finished (but unlikely to go back to).
      It would have been impossible to get them all in the main setup picture though so I removed them all from their usual piles and created a master pile just so people could actually get a decent view of them.

      • R1M! Will you marry me?
        that’s awesome!

      • That sounds like OCD heaven!!

      • sorry wonkey! but R1MJAW already loves me!

  7. 120 seconds late. I am a disgrace! Then again, you should see me on Surgery Simulator 2013. I threw my wristwatch into this chap’s hollow noggin’ before finishing up.

    • On the plus side, he’ll never be late every again. Cybernetic implants FTW!

      • Yeah… if only you co-op gamed with him! *rolls eyes*


  8. That is a lotta thingy surrounding the telly xD. Some good games you have there R1M
    I oughta borrow a good camera and take a pic of my gaming rig but first need to tidy all the booze =P

    • I’m surprised it’s taken this long for someone to mention my collection of stuff in front of my telly. If I had more room there’d be loads more, I have some fantastic Star Wars Micro Machines and a load of characters from The Tick.

  9. After reading all comments on the alphabetically ordered collection , I reorganized mine :P it really looks good, but there are cases in which it separates games from a series (i.e. first part of Ace Combat series was named “Air Combat”).

    • This is acceptable…..I think I have put some series’ in order of release rather than name ;)

      • Yes!, thank you. That was a load off my mind.

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