iPhone Puzzler “Quell” Heading To PS Vita

And so the steady trickle of indie-esque title announcements continues, with the delightful iPhone puzzler Quell the next addition to the PlayStation Vita’s ever increasingly considerable array of quirky, off the beaten path games.

Quell is actually a lovely game, it’s peaceful and sedate, and yet becomes taxing quickly, the aim being to slide the little ball around static screens to get to the exit. I’ve played it through on iPhone, and will probably do so again on Sony’s handheld.

Steven Cravis’ music provides a haunting backdrop to the floaty visuals, and the Vita’s rear touchpad will be used to flick the ball in the required direction, leaving the visage free of fingertips.

The PS Blog naturally makes no mention of the iOS version, but does mention that prototypes for Quell were formed 20 years ago on the Amstrad CPC. Cute.

Quell Memento, as this version is known, is expected “soon” and its native Vita release points to the usual array of trophies and such, despite its style of play and rather simplistic aesthetics probably being more suitable as a PlayStation Mobile game.


  1. Think I’ll give this a miss.

  2. Looks interesting, not sure if i’ve played anything quite like that before but at the right price i’ll bite.

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