David Cage Gets Help From Hollywood Types For Quantic Dream’s PS4 Game

David Cage wrote the entirety of Beyond: Two Souls‘ 2000 page script himself, apparently. That’s quite a lot of writing for one man, even if he is a prolific genius (and that’s a debate for another time…).

Well in an interview picked up by Dtoid, Guillaume de Fondaumière (co-CEO of Quantic Dream) has said that the studio is already hiring some top Hollywood talent to help write Quantic Dream’s next, unannounced, game that’s expected for the PlayStation 4.


The developer is bringing on directors and screenswriters to work with Cage and help him bring some of his grand ideas to fruition.

David has so many ideas that Quantic Dream doesn’t have enough resources to put all of these ideas into games, he has grand ideas and concepts. Our job is to turn these ideas into projects. So we are trying to attract talent.

Apparently, there is a team of three working on the PS4 game, including Cage who will retain final say in all matters. Quantic Dream has no interest in adapting someone else’s work into a videogame.



  1. Kind of exciting and scary at the same time. I guess the reason quantic dream’s games have been successful is because lots of people agree with david cage’s vision for the game, but as technology allows for deeper and more subtle experiences quantic dream might find that having one man that decides everything means only a small number of people ‘click’ with the games they make.

  2. Gotta be Kara related surely. One Word. EMOTION !!
    Bring it on, PS4.

  3. If he has so many ideas why not hire more developers instead of writers? I’d imagine a developer would be more qualified at getting ideas into games than a writer would be. ;)

    • If he’s anything like the highly intelligent folk that I would class as even remotely close to genius levels of thinking, it’s because Cage has all the conceptual ideas in his head and the writers will need to flesh that out into the story then come back to Cage for approval.

      His brain is never idle and will be flitting around thinking of the next big thing. Those sorts of minds rarely get a choice in the matter so he will require minions to sort through the chaos and wonder that is his mind.

      His mind operates at the top level of everything and doesn’t want to bother with the details until it’s time to pull them apart when his army of workers have done his bidding! :-)

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