IllumiRoom Described As “Projector For Next Gen Console”!

It looks like the previously announced proof-of-concept hardware, Illumiroom, is destined to be part of the next Xbox. A new video for the tech “envisions a next-generation gaming console, with a projector that sits on your coffee table and surrounds your television with projected light”

“IllumiRoom can extend the gaming content out of your TV, creating a truly immersive experience,” explains the video, “Or we can selectively show game elements, like explosions, or make it snow in our living room.”

The new video shows two games that were seen in the previous demo, SuperTuxKart and Red Eclipse, plus a very short sequence with Portal.

Microsoft’s Eric Rudder explained to The Verge how Illumiroom will work in conjunction with Kinect.

“The LED is projecting for a frame and then turning it off and Kinect IR is reading those layovers,” said Rudder. “Then the Kinect turns off for a frame and then the projector goes on and then Kinect will go back and forth.”

The tech is impressive, the question is how many people will have enough space to use Illumiroom?

Source: The Verge



  1. That is really cool, it will no doubt work with PCs too.

    Microsoft Research do some extremely cool stuff & Illumaroom (potentially just a codename) is obviously a graduate of theirs.

  2. It does look pretty cool initially, but I can see it getting annoying rather quickly.

  3. I dont know how well this will be received but looks kindof cool. In a world where the rift exists this just comes across a little underwhelming

  4. I can’t explain how annoying this was to watch. It totally puts your off from watching the screen. Looks cool, especially the racing in snow bit, but the FPS bits it was way too much for me.

    • Agreed. We saw this a while back, didn’t we? It was so, so distracting. However, the subtle weather effects might be nice but don’t ruin what I’m concentrating on.

  5. excellent, power wires trailing across the room ready for everyone to trip over and break the projector or their neck. It’s a gimmick. Not convinced.

    • Same as my opinion. Also I don’t have a coffee table or room for one either.

  6. Just added a new, longer version of the video that shows off Borderlands, movies and how crap Illumiroom is with the lights on.

    • Wow… really liked the context sensitive stuff eg… not including the game world, just the explosions & bullet fire etc, or in the racer where motion is added to the room through lighting, but not an actual projected image.

  7. So much for dispelling any myths about gamers being a geeky bunch sat playing games in dark rooms all day then eh MS? :-)

    Personally very wary of these sort of concept demo’s, let alone MS ones.Using Kinect as an example here:

    Milo And Kate anyone? plus downgraded the Kinect tech so they could make more money per unit sold (remove that onboard CPU, downgrade that camera), plus just how big a room are you going to need to get this sort of thing to work? (cue 3rd party clip on devices a la Kinect lens anyone).

    MS seem hell bent on convincing eveyone that Kinect really is the way forward for entertainment, when to cynical old, seasoned gamers like myself who were hoping it’d be forgotten about over time, it’s just coming across as a gimmick which is being boosted by adding further gimmicks and more hardware required, kinda like the Sega MD+Mega CD+32X combo.Take a great core platform (MD) , plug in a game enhancing add-on which had great potential (Sprite scaling chips etc), but pile it with shovelware and then slap another device on, using newer technology (32X Risc chips etc) and you’ve created a monster that appeals to so few.

    And of course i now await Sony to come out with something so similar for PS4 that’ll use Eyetoy 3, Move 2 etc etc…..

  8. Sudden thought: My PS3 (and presumably Xbox does as well) always warns me to play games in a brightly lit environment, not in the dark. As Illuminroom blantently only works in a dark room… er.. ?

  9. I don’t get it. What ‘totally new gaming experiences’ could I have with this?

    Why not just buy a HD projector?

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