Asda Slash Wii U Prices, Nintendo Beg Wii Owners To Upgrade

Just six months after Nintendo launched the Wii U supermarket chain Asda has slashed a total of £100 from the price of the console. The Wii U Basic 8GB pack can be purchased for £149 whilst the Wii U 32GB Premium pack is now £200.

The console has sold just 390,000 units worldwide since Christmas and many have blamed the lacklustre sales on the absence of new titles for the console.


Games such as Pikmin 3 have suffered delays due to production whilst the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines seems to have vanished completely.  The console also lost an an exclusive when Rayman Legends was delayed so Ubisoft could create Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

In related news, Kotaku are reporting that Nintendo have been contacting Wii owners and urging them to upgrade. The message is being sent directly to gamer’s consoles and reads:

“It’s time to discover Wii U,” says the message sent to the Wii itself. “Wii U is the all new home console from Nintendo. It’s not just an upgrade – it’s an entirely new system that will change the way you and your family experience games and entertainment.”

Interesting to note that Nintendo are keen emphasise that the Wii U is a new console and not an “upgrade”. This may be an indication that consumers are confused by the name, after all the 3DS XL is an upgraded 3DS so it would be easy to assume the Wii U is a tarted up Wii.



  1. I think it should’ve been £200 in the first place.

  2. They made the same naming mistake with the 3DS – even if that described exactly what it is.

    “Why don’t they just release the game without the 3D on the DS?” I saw a few times.


    • Ever since the DS and Wii came out Nintendo’s naming conventions have confused, because they simply can’t stop tinkering with their handhelds, which led to 4 (5?) different versions of the DS each with their own peculiar little additions to the name. That requires a lot of public awareness to keep track of and will end up with confusion as they’re seeing now.

      Number, on the other hand, are nice and easy to keep track of, if you want to keep the brand going.

      Nintendo DS 2 and Wii 2. That’s what they could have gone for. Better emphasising the generational shift, even if hardware aspects aren’t made clear.

      • that’s not something new since the DS though is it?
        they’ve been doing that since the Gameboy though.
        the original Gameboy, the Gameboy Colour, the Gameboy Mini, the Gameboy Advance, the GBA SP.

        and i think i’ve had most of them. ^_^
        never the Mini though.

  3. They should have simply called it Wii 2. Adding a number is a pretty well established indicator of a sequel. Failing that, ditched the Wii name and gone for something totally different.

  4. Almost everyone I know who bought a wii never turn it on. So 2 issues:
    1 – Most people probably won’t get the message if its sent straight to the console as most console owners don’t turn it on any more
    2 – Those that got a wii and realised they never use it (i.e. the majority) aren’t going to make the same mistake twice.
    This is what happens when you court casuals … they’re a fickle bunch always waiting for the next new trend.

    • Totally agree. You’ve got to think too the kids that played the wii back in the hay day have now grown up and moved onto the big boys…so if the next lot of parents aren’t turned on, who’s gunna buy it?

    • Very well said sir and totally agree. I used mine a handful of times, and its been sat in the cupboard ever since gathering dust. There is no way I would buy a Wii U unless it was below £100 and had a load of great games.

    • Yep. Casual folk are not hardcore. They will not be first in line with extravagant amounts of money to buy your shiny new console before everyone.

      With that in mind, you’d better have some lovely, LOVELY games to play on the new console and a good reason to change the hardware.

  5. It’s because the name sounds like a Wii upgrade or add on like WiiFit. I think the name of the console is the biggest mistake they made

  6. Wow, that’s a great price, though understandable I suppose given how badly the console is tanking at the moment.
    Loved the Wii-U for the short time I had one but I will probably approach it the same way I did the GameCube – wait until it hits the £80 price point and has plenty of games to choose from, then buy a bunch of stuff in one go. Certainly worked last time as the GameCube is easily my favourite console :-)

  7. Shame the premium is out of stock. Really tempted by the basic though. I could fit it with external HDD no problem.

    • If you aren’t interested in getting NintendoLand and have a Wii sensor bar I would go for the Basic. Neither console has a decent amount of storage so you are going to end up using an External HDD anywho.
      That said, NintendoLand is probably one of the best titles out for the console right now…

  8. ..but it *is* just a tarted-up Wii. I feel bad for Ninty; it’s like they / he had an affair with the new secretary, and now she’s moved on leaving Ninty out in the cold, divorced, no house, and only seeing the kids every other weekend. Ninty could well be the first to fall to the smartphone gaming scene, especially given that all of its eggs are now essentially in the mobile basket.

  9. I still can’t believe how stupid the general consumer is these days. Consumers that get confused by simple product names… I mean the two vertical lines of a capital U actually resemble the roman number two “I I”.
    Hopefully the generations that are unable to do a quick Google search about a product are the last of their kind (not wishing anyone dead, I just want people to know how to access information without having to ask their kids or someone who works at a store).
    I hope Microsoft doesn’t follow in Apple’s footsteps by calling their new console just “Xbox”.
    Actual conversation I’ve overheard in a store:

    1: Hello, do you sell the new iPad?
    2: Do you mean the “New iPad” or the one that came out after that?
    1: What do you mean? I want the new one.
    2: Well, there is the “New iPad” and an even newer one. Which one is it that you want?
    1: *confused stare*

    Brilliant move, Apple…

    • In all fairness, that’s the staff member being a complete pleb… not the consumer. The consumer’s question was straightforward as hell.

      • Well, it IS pretty stupid to call your product “New [anything]” when you already know there will be a newer version one year down the line.
        It’s just as stupid as calling the second Xbox “Xbox 360” because it had to compete with the PS3. People are stupid, otherwise we wouldn’t have to even talk about these things.

        Anyways, if my mom, who doesn’t know anything about consoles, ever wanted to buy a Wii U it wouldn’t matter if she thought it was a peripheral for the Wii or a new console. She would go to the store and ask for it. This means she is interested in the product and wants to find out more about it. If people don’t ask about it, then it means they are not interested no matter what they thought it was. That tells me that Nintendo’s new PSA about the Wii U will not help it anyways.
        People are waiting for the next big Mario or Zelda game. Nintendo will continue to struggle until those games are out.
        The new prices are very competitive. With the right line up of games, that price is a real steal. Hell, my 3DS XL cost me 185€ + 10€ for the charger…

      • Sorry, fella. I think I was confused as you mentioned how stupid consumers can be. I might’ve been linking your example to something else! :-)

        See how stupid TSA folk can be? That’s me! :-P

  10. Overpriced to start with, confusing to many customers, not enough advertising and no games. No wonder no one is buying the bloody thing.

    I personally think its still too high for what is on offer.

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