DriveClub Set To Be One Of Sony’s Biggest DLC Games

DriveClub, the gorgeous-looking racer from MotorStorm’s Evolution Studios, is a tantalising prospect. It’s a racer with plenty of encouragement to play cooperatively as a racing team with your friends and it appears to have a kind of Gran Turismo-like attention to detail.

Some new info has appeared, pulled from the pages of the new GameInformer magazine, and it’s sounding pretty special.

The info dump includes word that the game will support a lot of DLC – one of Sony’s biggest proponents of the bite-sized additional content. That will probably mean extra cars, individually and in bundles, but it might also mean some new tracks or even performance or visual upgrades. Hopefully it won’t mean an initial product that feels a little lightweight.

There’s also the rumoured ability to create your own events spread across multiple days and taking control of time of day and weather conditions – even using apps outside of the game (mobile, perhaps?) to create events. You can then open them up to hundreds of teams and individuals.

You’ll apparently be encouraged to play with a team – cooperative progress building towards achievements in the game (and trophies, presumably) but there’s also the option to play entirely offline in a single player mode. If you’re offline, though, you won’t be able to get your PSN friends watching you progress from the less glamourous cars up to Koenigsegg, Maserati, Pagani and Hennessey which are all supposedly making an appearance.

DriveClub is said to be a kind of blend of arcade and simulation, with damage occurring to the cars but not affecting handling. There’s also mention of large, open tracks with huge draw-distances. It sounds very much like a more expansive, prettier stab at what Forza Horizon did on the Xbox 360 last year and that’s very good news for PlayStation race fans.



  1. Would be interesting if they did a Motorstorm RC style thing with a cheaper entry price and lots of cheap additional packs, maybe even giving two options between the Full game and the lite one with just the basics for £15 on PSN…

  2. To me, announcing lots of DLC before release weakens the initial price of the game. I’m now far more likely to wait 6 months or so for a special edition or GOTY edition that includes a bundle of DLC for free, like they did with LBP.

    • Problem with that approach is that this game sounds like it’ll rely heavily on it’s online community. By the time you’ve waited 6 months the community will be diminished.

  3. A wee bit silly to be announcing a lot of DLC for a launch title. Is this the image that Sony are trying to project for PS4 gaming.

    • It was what Sony wanted for the PS3, but it didn’t pan out. There are some striking similarities between DriveClub and GT HD. The more I look at DriveClub the more I see Gran Turismo; just made by someone other than PD.

      I think Evolution and Sony got the content relative to price ratio right with Motorstorm RC. As long as strike the right balance again, I will buy their game.

  4. No splitscreen? :(

    • Split screen with guest PSN login, now that’s the future! If anyone can do it, the MotorStorm guys can.

  5. Really, dont these guys have somebody to tell them that this is NOT good publicity? Makes you wonder what distorted image they have of the average player.

  6. It’s petrol. The DLC is petrol. :-p

    • LMAO, at current trading value no doubt. :D

  7. Feeling more and more uninspired by the sound of this. Could be great but the recent two.announcements of it being socially focused and the dlc nature of the game are two things which couldn appeal to me less.

  8. Just lost interest there now. Going to cross this game off the ‘Pre-order/To Buy’ List!

  9. I hope the don’t pull a Ridge Racer Vita on us with DriveClub but the mention of a dedicated single player mode is good news for me.

  10. So DLC crap is carrying over to next gen, I thought that was stopping with this gen.

    • Oh god no. Sony even said at the beginning of their New York reveal that they’d worked hard to find new ways to monetise content. Something most people seemed to skip over, but it’s there – DLC, IAPs and subs will be ever more prevalent next gen.

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