Guerrilla’s Killzone Shadow Fall Demo Broken Down Technically

Killzone Shadow Fall, one of Sony’s big titles during its PlayStation 4 reveal, used just 3 of the system’s 8GB of RAM for video. That’s according to a new 100 page technical breakdown published by the developer today and available online.

The presentation highlights a couple of key bullet-points, namely that Guerrilla are working on two games (one is an unannounced new IP), and that Killzone Shadow Fall will be a PS4 launch title.

It goes on to demonstrate some technical elements to the demo, highlighted in the YouTube clip above. The demo offered up 60 AI characters, 940 entities, 8,200 physics objects, 500 particle systems, 120 voices and 110 ray casts.

There’re a lot of slides about their own profiler, which Guerrilla say they had to produce because SCE’s tools weren’t quite there yet.

Characters are built from around 40,000 polygons, that’s four times as complex as those seen in Killzone 3. There’s also plenty of lighting discussion, if you’re that way inclined.

Guerrilla say the PS4 is “really easy to program for”, the GPU is “really fast” and the speedy RAM is “awesome”. Obvious words from a first party developer, but good to hear all the same – it does feel like Sony have completely changed their approach to hardware this generation.

Read our earlier preview here, and you can read the full PDF referenced here.



  1. I really don’t have a clue about all the technical stuff but it’s looking like a new beginning for Sony with the PS4 and I for one applaud them for it.

  2. The PDF link leads to a 404 page. Does anyone happen to have any other links to it?

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