Super Stardust “Spiritual Successor” Coming Exclusively To PS4

Housemarque has a solid recent history with PlayStation. Their Super Stardust HD was one of the early PSN hits, the first game to get trophies patched in and one of the first to add stereoscopic 3D support when that became (briefly) a big deal for PlayStation. It was the first to run at 60 frames per second, 720p in each eye with its 3D effect too.

Then they popped up again with a version of their fantastic twin-stick shooter (Super Stardust Delta) for the Vita’s launch and gave us all some frantic action on the move.

Now, they’re working on a new title that will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4. It’s still untitled but is being touted as a “spiritual successor” to their Stardust games. Housemarque’s CEO, Ilari Kuittinen says the company “can take advantage of the architecture of PlayStation 4 to create incredible visuals with direct impact on the way the new game feels.”

They also have another PlayStation 4 title in development but they’re not sharing any information about that one just yet. They say that more information will be released about both titles in the coming months so hopefully we’ll get to see the Finish studio’s labours at E3 and if not then surely Gamescom in August?


  1. I think this is going to be great, SSHD is one the most addictive PSN games I’ve played.

    • I forgot how good that game is. It died with several other downloadable PSN games I had when my old fat PS3 died. I think I may download and resurrect it again this weekend whilst listening to some high octane tunes and downing a few cans of lager.

  2. I can’t wait. I love these guys and i love Super Stardust HD.

  3. This will be a day one purchase for me!

    • I hope Sony put something like this on every console for free to show off the graphics and the great games that can be found on PSN.

      • That would actually be cool, like the Demo One disk that came with the old Playstation :)

  4. Super Stardust Is one of my fav psn games, both on ps4 and vita. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    • Cam knows something we don’t – He’s played SSHD on PS4 already!! ;)

      • Haa! :) Spill the beans Cam!

  5. I’m actually more interested in the “other” PS4 title they are currently working on. I enjoyed Stardust, but it couldn’t hold my interest very long.

  6. I love the VITA version, its perfect for the handheld and looks stunning on the OLED screen. Im looking forward to seeing what they do on PS4.

  7. I found SSHD really difficult. Don’t think I ever really picked up what I was supposed to be doing, lol!

  8. Not forgetting Dead Nation, which is brilliant as well.

    • Yeah, I hope the unannounced game is a Dead Nation sequel :)

  9. Fantastic! These guys know their stuff and PS4 could do with some awesome digital titles at launch.

  10. SSHD is actually one of my favourite games across the current gen. Considering how little to it there actually is, I put many an hour into it.

    Can’t wait to see what they’re working on, roll on e3.

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