Insomniac Boss Talks Fuse Sequels, Multiplatform Development

Insomniac’s Ted Price has spoken out about Fuse’s development (and switch from the quirky looking Overstrike) on the official blog.

“While we’ve continued to experiment with Ratchet & Clank and while we’ve jumped into browser games (and soon mobile) with Outernauts, Fuse is the first new console IP we’ve built since Resistance,” said Price.

“It’s also our first multiplatform game ever. It’s running on a brand new engine. It’s got a new world, new characters, new weapons… and it’s doing stuff that no other 3rd person co-op shooter does.”

“We’re damn proud of it.”

Price talks about the “heat” that the developers took over the switch from Overstrike, and hits back at press comments from last summer. “No, we didn’t make aesthetic changes because of a 12 year-old’s focus test comments,” he said.

“We did what we thought was right for the Fuse universe. In particular we focused on creating co-op weapons and gameplay that we think work better than any other co-op shooter out there and allowed that to drive the game.”

“We’ve been unusually (and sometimes unintentionally) open – giving everyone a window into the changes we’ve made along the way,” he continued.

“This has been both good and bad for us. While I know there are some who will never be convinced that moving to Fuse was the right decision, I know there are many who appreciate what we’ve done. I know there are many who will try Fuse and will love it.”

Fuse is out soon on PS3 and Xbox 360.


  1. I really do hope this game works out for them. I’d hate this to be a stinker and get them into any sort of trouble.

  2. Are you guys doing a review for fuse? So far this game reviews are not good. I have a feeling it won’t be in top 20 chart

  3. do they still think the reason people were upset was because they changed the name?

    most people were disappointed that all the character seemed to have disappeared from the game and it became yet another generic shooter.

    i’m a fan of Insomniac’s work though, so i hope this isn’t a flop, but i can’t help feeling the original version they showed, under whatever name, would have been a more Insomniac type of game, and more entertaining for it.

  4. I think more people are upset(like me) :D that they didn’t stay PlayStation Exclusives :( + A few reviews have said the Graphics are bad?!?! So why go backwards Insomniac??? I don’t get it. Anyway i hope there will be a R&C PS4 only game incoming :P

    • More stability to be had, usually, with multiplatform titles as you’re appealing to a wider audience.

  5. I totally lost interest in this game when they made the change in tone of the game. I couldn’t care less what it’s called but if the game changes to something that is less fun, then something went wrong. Is it a coincidence that they went down that road and EA is publishing the game?
    Well, the reviews seem to agree with me…
    There are too many good games coming out that I just can’t justify purchasing something mediocre.

  6. Why can’t they come straight out, be completely honest and say ‘We changed our overall visual style and theme to something more mature and gritty because that is the style that we think sells more games. Overstrike looked like it had too much character and quirkiness, traits of Insomniac games, but we took them out in order to make more money. This wasn’t really OUR choice, it was EA’s’.

    The day that they come out and say that, the day that they earn a bit of my respect again.

  7. I really do hope this does well. It’s definitely not my cup of tea. I would of enjoyed another FPS with out of this world weapons, something which made me adore the Resistance series.

  8. Played the demo, is defiantly a very good co-op game, but personally I’m not looking for a co-op game right now and if you play this alone, the story doesn’t seem to be interesting enough.

  9. Didn’t like the demo and the decision to make, what is essentially, Army of Four really baffles me. Even for all their weapon quirkiness I don’t have great hopes for the game.

  10. Enjoyed the demo but it is no different from tens of other shooters. Probably rent it at some point.

    • i tried the demo, and it was alright, but why on earth couldn’t i duck outside of cover?

      they’re supposed to be highly trained operatives, and they can’t duck unless they’re leaning against a wall?

      even kids playing soldier in the playground can duck.

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