Konami To Reveal The “Voice Of Snake” On The 6th Of June

Hayters gonna hate.


David Hayter is apparently not the voice of Snake going forward, we learned that back in April.

However, we don’t yet know who’s replacing Hayter and we’ve had no clues coming forth from Kojima or the pubisher.

It looks like we will know on the 6th of June, though, with Gamespot holding a ‘pre-E3’ show that’ll ‘only be online’ on the US gaming giant.

“Who will be the voice of Snake?” asks the promo teaser.

Whether it’ll end up being a big ruse and Hayter will be back, or whether this is someone else entirely, we’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. This just shows how well David Hayter did with the voicing of Snake over the years that they have to have some kind of reveal for who is doing it next. Hopefully they can do it justice because Hayter was a legend.

  2. By now I just don’t care anymore. Without Hayter the character just won’t be the same, and if it is him indeed then I’m just tired of the switch&bait from Kojima.

  3. Like I said before, its David Beckham. Why do you think he’s just announced his retirement from football???

    • Haha, it all makes sense now.
      Not a big MGS fan so I don’t care who is the voice of Snake. I probably only understood 10% of what happened in MGS3 and 4 and it will be the same for the next installments… As long as it’s fun, I guess?

    • Imagine Snake with Beckhams girly voice.

      Fuck, that’d be hilarious.

      • lmfao , i would’nt be able to play it, id be pissing myself

    • SAF also retired so maybe he could do the voice, a Scottish Snake?

      • That could possibly work in a weird way. They could just pretend he’s constantly drunk as I know quite a few people who suddenly gain a Scottish accent when they’re plastered.

  4. I really hope this is just a typical Kojima trolling marketing campaign and David Hayter will voice snake before he goes into the coma and Richard Doyle takes over as Big Boss when he wakes up as that would be handled better and is a plausible explaination why he sounds different. If MGS5 doesn’t have Hayter as Snake or Big Boss precoma, it will feel very odd to play. Apparently, they are keeping the same voice actor in the japanese version so i’m hoping he is just trolling us. If not, then a part of MGS would have died for me because Hayter is Snake. Getting rid of him would be like getting rid of Nolan North as Drake/Desmond/90% of characters in gaming etc.. If Hayter has been dropped or he has retired from the role, i won’t mind having Richard Doyle as Big Boss as he did a decent job in MGS4. But still, a Hayter free snake would be odd without any explaination.

  5. “you were expecting someone else?”

  6. David Hayter will come out on Gamespots pre E3 show and look at the camera, dead eyed, then gruffly say ‘Kept you waiting, huh?’.

    Calling it.

  7. My money’s on Joe Pasquale.

  8. Nolan North? He has appeared in almost everything else. (thankfully it’s one character he wouldn’t suit.)

  9. It will be Hayter. Trust…

  10. Kurt Russell.

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