Take-Two Boss: “If Microsoft Has Figured Out A Way To Tax Used Games, Then We Should Get Paid, Too”

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two, has entered the used game market debate stating that “if Microsoft has figured out a way to tax used games, then we should get paid, too”.

Microsoft will enforce a fee for those wishing to play used games on the Xbox One. Take-Two believe that publishers should also get a share from this fee, “it’s hard to imagine why they should and we shouldn’t”, Zelnick added.

Zelnick further went on to say that Take-Two’s opinion on used games isn’t sour at all, they don’t “whine” over the worry of losing revenue. Instead they would rather focus on providing a gaming experience that will, in a way, stop the gamer from ever trading such game into a retailer.

“Let’s push up quality… and then let’s make sure to give people DLC, often free, three or four weeks out”. This he believes is the critical time for a decision to trade in a game will be made. Hopefully this philosophy will long continue with titles releasing on next gen consoles.

Sony, on the other hand, are yet to reveal what their full plans are with the used game issue. However, they have said it is up to individual publishers with regard to activation fees.



  1. I was under the impression that all of the fee (or at least the majority) would go straight to the publishers?

    Plain greed from Microsoft if otherwise…

    • Yes I’m sure I read somewhere on here that they were yet to discuss the final percentage split but that was the way it was going to work??

    • Same here. Why would EA drop online passes if they didn’t get a cut from this fee? Do they know more than Take Two or are there separate deals floating around?

  2. Greedy bastards, haven’t we all come to the conclusion that the unlocking fee sounds ridiculous and most would end up buying new games, thus providing Take Two with their cut? I hope I haven’t got the wrong end of the stick.

    • I think what Take Two are complaining about isn’t that they aren’t getting paid for pre-owned games, but that the fee that Microsoft is charging for the games isn’t being split with the publishers or creators. Basically, it seems like Microsoft is charging money for the privelidge of playing the game on their console.

      • Fair enough, thanks for that, I let my rage rule my fingers for a moment there :) Microsoft are cheeky, but I still think the publishers and devs need to rise above this mucky business and keep their images clean. Best not to make comments in the press like this one.

  3. Oh my god!

    All of the used game income goes to MS?! I thought that although it was underhanded, at least the publishers would have plenty of income to recycle…..this is terrible!

  4. I kind of suspected that publishers may not get their share of the bounty, but Microsoft’s messaging on this has been terrible. While Sony saying “Its up to publishers” isn’t a definite yes or no answer, it gives them flexibility (For good or bad). I can’t imagine many indie developers would want to endorse such a scheme even if they got a share of the profits as well, but who knows?

    Good to see Take-Two not in support of such a thing.

  5. I’d just presumed that the fee would be split….otherwise that would surely remove almost all of the already flimsy justification for the charge.

  6. Holy shit, if MS are keeping all of the fee to themselves then that is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Someones been putting shrooms on all the Pizza Hut that the MS staff have been eating.

  7. MS have really dropped the ball here.

  8. In this case, it appears that the use of both the terms “M$”, and “MicroShaft” would be appropriate .. ;-)

    • nope, never on this site

      • yawn

      • clever

      • Cripes – i didn’t really think i’d have to elaborate on the above.
        Yes – we all know it’s not accepted – the community and staff have discussed it many times in the past.
        However i presumed the use of inverted commas and a winky/smiley at the end would be enough to indicate that it was intended as humour… apparently not. :/

      • just dont think it is even worth the joke

      • You’re entitled to your opinion, real sorry i can’t persuade you otherwise.

      • Don’t worry. He’s more of a cat person :)

  9. Cut out the hassle and the middle man, just give them your bank details :D

  10. Does not compute. EA would only drop online passes if they were getting cash from somewhere else so they must have an agreement with MS.

    • They’re in cahoots, cahoots I tell you!

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