Behind The Scenes At A Watch Dogs Motion Capture Session

Ubisoft Montreal has released a new behind the scenes trailer for Watch Dogs.

The video gives some insight into the motion capture techniques used to create the takedowns and melee combat for the game.


The combat will resemble a “brutal street fighting style” and the main aim is to drive for realism in this department, so expect Watch Dogs to be pretty violent when it comes to melee combat.

Watch Dogs will release on the 22nd November.



  1. Me and Ubisoft games don’t really get along – hated FarCry3, Assassins Creed and SplinterCellConviction. I’m hoping this proves to be an exception as it looks great so far.

    • I would agree with you but i don’t have as strong feeling as you, it’s something about ubisoft that doesn’t communicate with me, which is strange looking how their games are high quality especially farcry

  2. I can’t watch it with sound but it looks promising. Kind of reminds me of a Saturday night in my local.

    • Not the spandex stretchy type stunt costumes though. That would be the pub down the road.

  3. This looks really cool. The hands in pockets thing is interesting – I’d not considered how hard that’d be before, and it really adds character to the character…

  4. I really look forward to this game :)

  5. Everything i’ve seen so far points to this being a game i will spend many hours playing, can’t wait.

  6. Can’t wait for this. Hopefully it’ll be my first PS4 game.

  7. Man, I’m so stoked for this game. I hope the PS4 version isn’t released too long after the PS3 version so I can get that one instead.

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