The Last Of Us Demo Unlocks Today

Those with God Of War Ascension can today – in a matter of hours – start playing The Last Of Us. Or, rather, a demo of the game, presumably the exact same demo we tested a few weeks back here.


It’s likely that – if it is the same demo – you’ll have a small download and then the game will use the files already present on the God of War disk. In our case we had to grab a downloader and then pull down a few GB from Sony’s servers, but hopefully they’re using the content you already have locally.

The demo contains two locations and two very different styles of gameplay. There’s no real spoilers other than you’ll know – once the demo ends – about one new character and have some idea of Joel and Ellie’s motivations.

We’ve been playing the full game for a while now – you can expect full details and our review next week. Until then, enjoy the demo!



  1. still not sold on this game. not really a fan of survival games but i will read the reviews and probably end up picking it up on the cheap

  2. Can someone help me? Question… I have the game god of war ascension but no Internet right now, will I still be able to play the demo the last of us? Or do I need the Internet? Thanks c-h-o-n-g

    • You need the God of War disc, there is menu prompt in the God of War intro screen to download the demo. It then sets up a smaller 300MB or something intro file for the demo. Not even sure how large the demo is, but seemed like a couple GB’s.

      • Thanks but I do need the Internet for the demo right? Cause I don’t see anything…

  3. Anyone else trying and failing to download the demo? Keep getting connection error when connecting to store.

    • Im just having to download a big ass update 624mb so think tht maybe to do with the demo.

      • Yep error saying store under maintenance grrr!! lol.

  4. This close to release I’m happy to skip the demo, I’d rather play it when my copy arrives (hopefully a bit early).

  5. Its not working at the momet but ND and Sony SM looking into it:

  6. WOW!!! WHAT A DEMO!!! :P :P :P Finally downloaded it. Man, i can’t wait for Demos to be streamed to my PS4 in the future because the waiting was killing me :-/ (my internet isn’t fast really) + the Errors didn’t help for the 1st hour trying to download it. Oh well. This looks like another BRILLIANT game from ND ;) Now lets see TLoU2 on PS4…OH LORD!!! LoL:D (saying that this demo looked AMAZING :P The water effects looked REAL) :P

    • After having played the Alpha during my Local Game lock in I’ve already done this demo. Sadly it’s a tad shorter so rather than spoil it I will say it’s pretty much the same as the alpha that was on offer, but it’s far moodier with collectibles and a tad harder.

      I do believe that quite a bit of stuff has been taken from Uncharted like the Mo-Cap, but the weather effects are amazing!

  7. I am only seeing the one level, The Outskirts.

    Not very long at all, maybe you finish the first level to open up the second?

  8. Demo rules. Still a day one purchase :-))

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