Kamiya Pulls A “Next Week” On Bayonetta 2 News

Platinum Games’ Hideki Kamiya is no stranger to Twitter, and he’s no stranger to pushing out Tweets that can make the resulting stories look a little silly.


Like his latest “next week” comment, in response to a query over when we’ll see Bayonetta 2 again.

“Next week… in Ninty Direct…” he says.

That initially looks like he’s confirming that Bayonetta 2 will be part of Nintendo’s E3-focused Nintendo Direct. And it might be. But that’s a might.

Take, for example, his previous tweet, giving the same amount of weight to another from-scratch remake of Resident Evil. Are we to assume that Remake 2 will be there too?


Will Bayonetta 2 have some presence next week? Almost certainly, but that can’t be garnered from his throwaway four word comment, no matter how many times it gets replicated around the web.



  1. Was literally thinking about this yesterday, wondering if it had been canned or something. Since its Nintendo made, no hope of a port announcement like Rayman :(

  2. Having just picked up a wii u and loved bayonetta, I say bring it on.

  3. Damn, shame this isn’t on PS4 :/

  4. Can’t wait! Hopefully it’ll be another good reason for owning a Wii U!

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